How 3D Printing Becomes Valuable to Sell Video Game Characters


3D printing has taken almost every industry by storm over the past few years. 3D printing or technically known as additive manufacturing has influenced different industries from prototype printing to video game characters sculpting. And with the help of this modern day type of printing, toys and video games industry has never been so alive, realistic, and awesome.

Start-up businesses capitalizing on the popularity of video game characters are now relying on 3D printing to build better action figures for avid fans. Collectors welcome this technology as it raises the bar in making their favorite characters come to life as a 3D models.

Here are the reasons why collectors are so eager to incorporate 3D printers into the video game character industry:

Affordable action figures in 3-dimension – with the help of 3D printers, even startups can produce action figures in 3D. These products are usually expensive to produce and manufacture but since 3D printers allow the creation of parts through additive manufacturing, the cost to produce such products become cheaper. Startups can easily afford it to gain more customers. These collectors would surely love to see their favorite action figures whether from comics or from video games in 3D form.

Video game characters to life – gamers can be very attached to their gaming characters or avatars. Well, through 3D printing, these characters can come to life in 3D form. Collectors and gamers will surely find a way to buy their favorite video game characters they can now touch and display on their desk. Before, they only see these characters in their computer screens, now they can play with it like action figures.

More poses – 3D printing also allows production of video game characters in different poses. It attracts more attention from the collectors since they would surely want to buy these characters in different poses like for example different attack forms. Designers can freely use their imagination in terms of the poses since they do not need to worry about any limitations in printing when using 3D printers. These machines can produce different shapes and forms unlike traditional sculpting process.

Customisable figures – another selling point of startup businesses that use 3D printing is  they can offer customisable figures for their customers. So these collectors and gamers can request for particular character in specific poses or costumes. They can even customise a character they design themselves. This makes a one of a kind model, perfect for your collection.

More realistic game settings –another advantage of 3D printing is the ability to produce the entire video game content including game captures and buildings. All these video game settings can be printed in three-dimensional form. It is definitely a collector’s item. Gamers can experience the game to life and can be used in tabletop or role-playing games.

3D printing has indeed increased the standards in different industries including the toy and video game industry by producing high-quality products that give fans, collectors and gamers more realistic experience.