The Importance of Having Data Standby Services for Your Enterprise


Your enterprise operates in a day and age where technological dominance is supreme. From small and medium enterprises to large corporations, everyone relies on machines and computers for business and networking needs. The key to all technology is the data storage that allows it to happen.

As a result, it can be understood that data loss scenarios, or instances where the enterprise is unable to access vital data and enterprise applications, can be catastrophic in some cases and cause the organization to shut down in others.

Here’s the kicker: When events like outages and hacks take over, enterprises have a kneejerk reaction and adopt whatever data recovery method they can quickly implement. But every enterprise and its data storage methods are unique, and failing to assess your situation thoroughly may cause you to adopt an inadequate solution or an expensive overkill.

Instead, a safer alternative is to invest in data standby services. The demand for professional standby services continues to increase with the rise in enterprises’ reliance on stored data. Although data recovery isn’t always guaranteed (depending on the extent of damage to the medium of storage), the recovery services are successful in most instances.

The best data recovery service will be offered by a provider with multiple locations. This gives them the ability to offer clients immediate access to their backup services. They’ll also offer things like no charge guarantee, no recovery, and free diagnostics. Additionally, their success rate will back their claim of being the best. Clients will be able to look at their yearly numbers and see how many instances of data recovery from damaged RAID arrays were successful. Lastly, review sites give the best service providers the highest possible score.

But which data storage mediums require professional standby services? Well, organizations use several data storage mediums, so the answer to this question is not one but many. Mentioned below are the ideal data technologies organizations should have standby services for.

· NAS Data Recovery: A common reason for data failure in NAS systems is that employees inadvertently delete folders and files or format disks incorrectly; after that, normal software applications can’t reach the data. Reliable standby recovery services repair NAS RAID arrays and NAS applications of any NAS device manufacturer. The best provider will also treat each drive individually before the NAS RAID array is restored, if applicable.

· RAID Data Recovery & Repair: When RAID failures occur, you need to have standby professionals who can repair and recover RAID arrays at all levels, including Raid 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, and 0+1. Reliable service providers will tell you what steps you need to take in case of media failure. For instance, enterprises can reduce turnaround time by turning their system off.

· Hard Drive & Server Data Recovery: Hard drives carry a lot of fast-moving components, and mechanical parts usually wear down over time. That’s why you need standby services that use state-of-the-art repair methods to recover data hybrid, solid state, RAID, micro, legacy, and other types of hard drives. Standby professionals are also needed for server data recovery, whether you’re using enterprise-level systems or small consumer RAID servers.

Data loss, caused by disasters, human error, cyber attacks, etc. is becoming a common occurrence, but with standby services, most (if not all) of the data can be recovered by trained recovery technicians.