Make the Most of Working with a Metrology Reseller


Metrology resellers stake their reputations on building better, long-lasting relationships with their clients by providing sound advice, reliable service, and a wide range of products that will fit your shop’s requirements. In today’s manufacturing industry, quality assurance can make or break your firm’s productivity, and more than ever, coordinate measuring machines are the centrepiece of any effective inspections department. There are a number of benefits to working with metrology resellers, including the option to save money by purchasing a used coordinate measuring machine, comparing solutions from a wide variety of manufacturers, building a relationship with professional retrofitters who can adapt your machine to your growing needs, and work with your staff to train them on the best software for the job.

#1 Buy Used

Used coordinate measuring machines can be a great investment due to the long lifespan of the equipment (with proper maintenance and upgrades they can last 35 years or more), and metrology dealers like Canadian Measurement Metrology, also known as CMM, thoroughly inspect, repair, and guarantee all of the preowned equipment they acquire. You can get decades of use out of preowned equipment, making it a wise investment for shops that are expanding their inspection capacity on a budget.

#2 Compare Manufacturers

Among the major coordinate measuring machine manufacturers, different brands have reputations for excelling at different types of equipment, and working with an independent retailer gives you the freedom to closely compare the pros and cons of both new and used equipment. For example, Mitutoyo is well-known for the value, accuracy, and speed of their Bright series manufactured throughout the 1990s. However, because the software used on Bright models is now obsolete, most dealers recommend using a third party software like PC-DMIS on used Mitutoyo CMM equipment.

#3 Build the Tool You Need

Retrofits are practically standard when it comes to buying used coordinate measuring machines, while even new purchases are often combined with additional capabilities, such as laser scanners or vision systems that make your purchase even more versatile. Because metrology equipment of one kind or another is used to inspect just about every kind of component, shops need tailor-made solutions that only independent retailers can provide through upgrades and retrofits. North American dealer CMM says that they retrofit almost every piece of equipment they sell; put simply, there is no one-size fits all coordinate measuring machine, and you need to work with someone who can fit your unique requirements.

#4 Calibration Services

Installing the equipment doesn’t mean you’ve seen the last of your vendor; you should be able to rely on them for all kinds of after-sale services including maintenance, emergency repairs, retrofits, and calibrations. These instruments need to be recalibrated and certified on a schedule, and while it’s fairly easy to certify a machine, knowledgeable metrology technicians should be able to calibrate it to the manufacturer’s specs or even better, especially when it’s an older vintage. Look for ISO 9001:2008 (regarding quality management systems) registered companies and double check the full range of calibration services a dealer offers, including certifying for velocity, parallelism, flatness, angularity, and more. When it comes to quality assurance, your shop can’t afford to settle for second best.