How Wi-Fi Can Contribute to a Better In-Store Customer Experience


It’s easy to dismiss the need for Wi-Fi as just another manifestation of a millennials’ sense of entitlement.After all, it’s a generation that’s tethered to their phones, and a lot of times,you can’t expect them to visit your shop when there’s no internet available there. However, the benefits of setting up a wireless internet connection at your store go beyond attracting certain demographics. Here are some reasons your brick-and-mortar establishment needs the rightbusiness Wi-Fi solutions:

Increase Foot Traffic

Most business owners already know this—just put up a “Wi-Fi available” sign on your store’s door, and you’ll have people trooping in to connect to the internet. While not everyone who enters your store will buy something, most customers who go for the Wi-Fi actually do make a purchase as well. What’s more, the availability of free Wi-Fi also encourages customers already inside a shop to buy even more. So yes, that investment in installing Wi-Fi will definitely pay off.

In-store Wi-Fi also makes it more convenient for your customers to post about your store on social media. Thishelps you generate more awareness, even among the older generation. After all, a 2017 Pew Research Center study states that 62% of adults aged 65 and older are now on Facebook. That exposure on social media, in turn, can help translate to more people entering through your store’s doors.

Better Inventory Management

Say goodbye to the days of manually tracking your inventory with pen and paper. By connecting all your point-of-sale terminals to the network, you can easily keep track of how sales are going across your store (or all your stores if you have multiple branches). With an online inventory management system set up, you can easily request for a restock when products fly off your shelves.

And just in case a certain item is out of stock at one store, you can easily ask your clients to check out another branch—or have that other branch deliver that item to your client.

Manage Long Wait Times

Now, don’t think of this as an excuse to keep your customers waiting. However, there will always be cases that your customer may need to wait before the entire transaction or service is completed. For instance, say that you’re running a salon. A certain treatment may need to be left on your client’s hair for several minutes to work before it can be rinsed off.

By having Wi-Fi connectivity at your store, instead of just letting clients wait and get bored, they can use their smartphones and amuse themselves with their choice of entertainment. This method of driving away boredom helps clients stay happy, even if they have to wait.

Instant Feedback

Many business owners would love to know what their customers think about their products or their services. With Wi-Fi installed in your physical store, figuring out what they’re thinking is easier—you can just ask them give you a review on social media. Alternatively, if you want a more detailed answer, you can ask customers to fill out an online survey through an evaluation module on your official app instead of having them do it manually with pen and paper.With more efficient methods of collecting feedback that results in more data, you’ll have more insights into how your customers think—and how you can better address their needs.

As all these benefits show, having Wi-Fi connectivity in your store isn’t just for teens posting their selfies on social media. By allowing your business to work more efficiently, a wireless internet connection is definitely a worthy investment.