How to Remove iCloud lock for Free Service


The how to remove iCloud Lock offers you an ultimate protection to your iPhone device, preventing unauthorized use of your data, as well as thefts. Besides this, it becomes more of an issue when you think that if you get your phone locked for some reason, you are practically not able to use it anymore. That’s why many users are looking to find a perfect solution for this issue. There are many iCloud Removal tools which offer their services on the Internet, but how to know if they are not just scammers? Fortunately, we will inform you how you can recognize if the tool is a scammer and where you can find the right one. The how to remove iCloud Lock is always free. If you are required to pay a certain amount of money than it is a scam. It can be used not only for all models of iPhone but for iPod and iPad touch too. So if you are asked to download different tools for the different models of iPhones, and for the different versions of IOS, than you should be careful too, because the official tool is compatible with all of them.

How to remove iCloud Lock for free

The tool we offer you how to remove iCloud Lock on your iCloud account directly from the database of Apple. This tool was developed by two hackers who managed to penetrate Apple’s database. They are known under the name Doulci. If you want to know how you can get this tool, it’s very easy. Just visit our website and click some of the given links to download it. Don’t worry, there are no hidden costs. This tool was invented to help people who have bought a phone second hand or who have forgotten their password for some reason. It is not recommended to be used for removing iCloud lock on a stolen phone, because if the IMEI code of the device is already reported, you may get in a big trouble.

How to remove iCloud Lock

The procedure is not complex at all. All you should do is to download the tool from the official links and to install it. Nothing else is required from you, just the IMEI code of your device and your e-mail address. The process of removing runs automatically and you will get your phone ready for use in just a few minutes. . This is the most easy and secure way to remove your iCloud lock.