Field Service Software Cloud


Field service management means a cloud based or hosted system, which combines internet service with hardware so that companies can manage their extensive resources like locate their vehicles, dispatch and schedule work, manage activities of their workers, and ensure safety of drivers. They can also integrate the inventory with accounting, billing and other systems of back-office.

Field Service Software Cloud is used by companies, which need to deal with installation, repair or service of equipment and system.

Examples of industries that use Field Service Software Cloud

Many industries are there that use Field Service Software Cloud:

  • In cable and telecommunications industry, there are technicians who administer phone lines and install cables into business establishments and residencies.
  • In healthcare, there are mobile nurses that are assigned to provide care at home for disabled or elderly.
  • In the field of heavy engineering, industrial, mining and manufacturing, there are technicians who are assigned the task of preventive repair and maintenance.
  • In utilities like gas, there are engineers assigned to repair and investigate suspected leaks.

CSOne Field Service Software Cloud

CSOne gives you an ideal Field Service Software Cloud that manages numerous field service works like firsthand investigation of the field and maintenance and repair on site. Service reports and repair quotation are given in a PDF file format. You can even print them with a mobile printer, which is an added convenience of course. CSOne Field Service Software Cloud can also be accessed by sub contactors to create online documents.

Service reports

Once the technicians conclude the work of maintenance and repair on site, they have to submit a report of labor charges, repair parts and any other expenses that took place. The service report can be printed with the help of a mobile printer by means of Bluetooth.

There are some repair parts required for this task; they are used up from the inventory. Therefore, technicians of Field Service Software Cloud do not have to hang on for process of daily batches to keep their inventory parts posted.


It is a great facility for entrepreneurs to procure E-signature from their customers. Customers can sign the reports of services via mobile device of the technician. This is called E-signature. The technician may send the document signed by the customer via email. This, of course, eradicates the requirement for paper. Moreover, it also saves a lot of time of the technicians. Earlier, they had to report the office under the legacy system to type the handwritten report of service or handwritten sign to the respective software.

Quotation of repairs

You can make the quotations of repairs after the firsthand investigation of fields. CSOne Field Service Software Cloud is able to manage several versions of quotations of repair and keep details of approval status by customers. Just as you can prepare PDF files in other software of CSOne, you can do the same with CSOne Field Service Software Cloud as well.

Management of sub contractors

You can give authorization control to sub contractors so that they are authorized to prepare their reports of service on site. This opens right of entry for the sub contactors. It will relieve you from entering the data of hundreds of sub contractor reports.