Explore in Detail about Android, the Most Used Mobile Operating System


Millions of mobile devices are powered by Android in more than 190 nations around the globe. Android provides a world-class platform to create games and app for the users and this is the open marketplace to distribute those apps and games immediately.

Large installed base and Global partnerships:

Android has become the fastest-growing mobile OS rapidly as it is built on the contributions of more than 300 software, hardware and carrier partners and the open-source Linux community.

With its openness, Android has become favourite for developers and customers. Every month, more than 1.5 billion games and apps are downloaded by Android users.

Strong development system:

To build best-in-class app experiences, Android fulfills your all requirement. Its single app model helps you deploy your applications widely to millions of users worldwide.

You can take benefits of the hardware capacities available on every device, as Android also provides you tools to create apps which look really great. It instantly changes your UI for looking its best on every device, while providing you as much control as you want over your UI on multiple types of devices.

With advanced features, Android Developer Tools provide a complete Java IDE to help you develop, debug and package Android apps efficiently. Utilizing the IDE, you can make virtual devices which contend every hardware configuration or develop on every available Android device.

Open marketplace to distribute your applications:

To sell and distribute Android apps, Google Play is the premier marketplace. You reach the huge installed base of Android, when you publish an app on Google Play.

Being an open marketplace, Google Play controls you on selling your products. You can publish as often as you want, whenever you want and to the consumers you want. You can focus on particular devices, ranges or segments of hardware capacities and distribute widely to every market.

Be it free or paid, with subscriptions or in-app purchases, you can monetize your business in the best way for highest revenues and engagement.

With developing your customer base, Google Play also helps you engagement and build visibility across your brand and apps. With their rise in popularity, Google Play gives your apps higher position in weekly rankings and top charts.

Pre-installed on millions of Android devices around the globe, Google Play can be a development engine for your business.

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