E-Commerce Solutions


The number of consumers that purchase goods online is steadily rising, and with ongoing software development, the buying experience is becoming easier. One of the leading software solutions is Magento, an open source e-commerce platform written in PHP. Magento was first published in 2008 by Varien Inc, a small Californian firm that was later acquired by eBay, and in 2015, Magento 2.0 was released. The new version aimed to enhance the user experience, and make for smoother navigation, with improved page caching, and a streamlined existing customer checkout process.

A large market share

Magento has around one third of the e-commerce market, and there are certified Magento developers all over the world, especially in Australia, who work with third party web development companies that offer customised e-commerce solutions for a range of businesses.

User focused software

A leading web developer would focus on improving the user experience on the client’s website, as this is the overall objective. User experience design is focused on making a positive impact on the user’s interactive experience, and with customised solutions, the platform is designed around the company and its products.

Mobile devices

In the past few years, smartphones and tablets have taken over as the most popular way to order items online. Therefore, your e-commerce site must be mobile compatible, and work on all available platforms, from a desktop to a smartphone. This adaptability should involve the minimum of scrolling or panning, with easy reading and navigation, and it requires specialised developers to make this happen.

Mobile first

This is a new idea, and involves building the site around a smartphone, and later adapting it to work on a desktop PC. Bearing in mind just how many users are buying with their phones, perhaps this is the best way to create a site, it is certainly a forward thinking idea that is worth considering. The range of devices and browsers that consumers use is growing, and your site needs to be viewed on a range of screens, big and small.


Conversion optimisation

This means using industry best practices to increase revenue, and it is achieved by analysing user behaviour, and a few minor changes can lead to an increase in sales. This might also involve speeding up the site, as slow loading pages can result in losing customers. A busy site could have a funnel, and the web developer will find that, and help to speed things up.

An essential partner

A web developer is an essential partner to any new business, and with a team of professionals, they can design, create, and manage your site, while providing round the clock technical support, so your online store is always open for business. Digital marketing is another service that an established web developer would offer, and this involves a number of strategies that are designed to improve your site’s visibility within a search engine, as well as creating effective email and SMS campaigns that will produce results. The experience of a leading web designer will elevate your brand, and with a customised site, your customers will have a positive buying experience.