Developing and Marketing a Website for Petrol Heads


The automotive industry is moving at a faster pace than ever this past year. New electric cars, better supercars, and everyday cars are being introduced to the market. At the same time, we have the technology around cars and the automotive industry that is being frequently updated.

For petrol heads or gearheads as we call ourselves, following these updates is always exciting. This means there is a growing market for great websites for gearheads, which is why we are going to talk about how you can develop and market a website for automotive enthusiasts in three easy steps.

Preparing for a New Site

Before you tackle tasks such as installing a CMS platform and writing posts, you need to cover the basics. Start by determining a niche to focus on. The automotive industry is vast and there is a lot of ground to cover. To avoid overwhelming yourself with so many things to talk about, find a specific subject as the main topic of your site.

Next, position the site personally. There are thousands of sites for petrol heads out there. To separate your new site from the rest, you need to add personal touches to it. Instead of writing about general news, for example, you can add your opinions or personal views.

For example, you can focus on 4x4s and talk about things like repairs, road trips, and even accessories and repair kits available from retailers like The more specific your site is, the faster you can develop a group of loyal readers.

Developing the Site

The first task you want to tackle is getting the site up and running. This is a relatively easy task to handle for two reasons. First of all, you have CMS platforms like WordPress giving you the chance to start a website in a few minutes. You can select a free theme that best represents the tone of your site or develop a custom theme.

The second reason is the long list of cloud hosting solutions you can choose from. You can have your own domain name and sufficient storage for the site without breaking the bank. That’s it! A cloud hosting account and a domain name is all you need to get the site going.

The next part, adding content to the site, is a bit more challenging. You want to add several articles or posts for visitors to read before you start promoting the site. Since you already have a niche selected, it is much easier to find news and updates and then give your take on them in your posts.


The last step to take is promoting your site. This is relatively easy with advertising networks, social media, and other digital marketing instruments just a couple of clicks away. Understand the target audience you want to reach, figure out where to find them, and use suitable tactics to market your site to the right viewers.

As you can see, developing and marketing a website for gearheads are easy. Complete these three steps and you will be well on your way towards owning a successful automotive website.