Conveyancing Software Features

Conveyancing Software Features

Conveyancing software is a form of legal firm management software that streamlines processes and improves productivity throughout the conveyancing process. The software can be used even during the lead generation and management phase, can be implemented from initial contact to contract completion, and it can be used to generate reports following the completion of the contract. Firms using conveyancing software report that it reduces administrative work, improves working processes, and helps to improve business efforts across the board.

Conveyancing software provides a central location for all details and information. From local authority contact details to phone numbers and email addresses of clients and estate agents, the software allows for the quick and easy access of all useful information. It should be designed in such a way that it only takes a click or two to be able to access the information that you want, while automated software will use the information to produce documents and even send them automatically, further saving time and improving businesses processes.

Time tracking tools are especially useful to those businesses that charge an hourly fee, or invoice according to time spent on a project or component of a project. However, they can also be beneficial for fixed fee services. Time tracking software monitors the time that is spent on projects, by whom, and what tasks are being performed during that time. Not only is this useful for invoicing purposes, but it can also be considered a vital business analysis tool, because it enables you to calculate total and average costs, man hours, and potential for future work.

Many everyday processes can be automated using conveyancing software. Time tracking information, combined with customer and quote details, can be used to automatically raise an invoice, while the software can also create a standard letter or email to accompany the invoice. Although most firms will want to be able to check the final document, or at least be responsible for checking it has been sent, the automation of large portions of the process means time saved and errors reduced.

Conveyancing Software

Workflows have become an essential component of modern business. They help manage risk, and they ensure that all collaborators on a particular project are working towards a single end goal. Conveyancing software not only documents workflow, but it can be used to automatically generate to-do lists, assign responsibility for workflow stages to specific members of the team, and it can even send out automated emails or SMS messages to clients, fee earners, and third parties, when a particular milestone is reached. Keeping everybody informed helps ensure good communication and a reliable service.

Throughout these and many other stages of the conveyancing process, law firm management software can speed up processes, minimise errors, and it can also be used to run live tracking and reporting features. You can determine the level of profitability attributed to certain project types, certain teams, or even to individuals within an organisation. You can measure the income that is generated by each of your fee earning partners, and drive marketing and promotional efforts according to the most successful and profitable products.

Redbrick Solutions conveyancing software can be used to optimise business processes, manage conveyancing contracts, and help manage risk and streamline workflow. Improve your business efforts and even increase your profits.