Business Listing Sites: Advantages and Top Websites


Business listing refers to an online profile that bears one’s business name, address, and contact information, among other details. In line with online marketing, businesses utilize business listing sites to boost the level of their output.

Advantages of Business Listing Sites

Using business listing sites has grown as a principal area of online marketing, as it provides a number of benefits to a proprietor or corporation. It yields direct advertising exposure, as the websites that are usually used are commonly used sites people use. These sites also serve as list your business networking platform, allowing businesses to expand their prospect clients for future transactions. Since the sites are usually familiar to people, these also serve as free traffic generators, which let businesses be known to more and more people. Also, using business listing sites develops brand image, since a product linked to a known website is more appealing for consumers. With this associated between the listing site and the entrepreneur’s business, the business link will become more familiar to the consumers, which further promotes the site’s status in search engine optimization or SEO.

Business Listing Sites that Increase Traffic

An entrepreneur can utilize various business listing sites for his program. According to Dex Media, Facebook stands as the top site when it comes to referral traffic. Creating a page allows a person to lets his brand, business, or cause to have a voice on the social media site while connecting with people who are important to him. To add, using Facebook as an avenue for business is simple to set up, since the person just has to select a page type that suits his cause to start. The person may select from a local business or place; company, organization, or institution; brand or product; artist, band, or public figure; entertainment; and cause or community.

Google is another top contender when it comes to enlisting one’s business online. As per Hubspot, the famous search engine website stands as part of the top 50 online local business directories or listings for local marketing. With Google My Business, the person can display his business hours, contact information, and business location online, with the help of Google Search and Maps. These information should be accurate, however, since these are the usual data people search when they use the search engine.

Another business listing site a person can use if Yahoo! Local Listing. According to Vertical Response, Yahoo! Stands as the third most popular search engine in the internet, with its millions of searches daily. As per the publication, using Yahoo! as a business listing site has three major benefits. First, its local basic listing is free. Second, the entrepreneur can include images and details like product description for only $9.95 per month. Last, the person can also obtain optimal exposure from being enlisted on more than 40 other directory listings for only $29.99 per month. In using Local Listing, the person has to enter his business’ name, address, city, state, zip, contact number, as well as the business category. Information, such as the website and hours of operation can also be included following listing verification.

Akama is one of the best free business listing sites in the United States, according to SEO Brand Pro. In the website, people can find local businesses, products, reviews, and transactions around the country and entrepreneurs can easily promote their business in an online approach. This can be done by creating a virtual business profile, which allows potential consumers to see their business. From there, businessmen can also improve their sales and lead generation, in addition to connecting with other organizations.

Overall, online media stands as the easiest and most economic way to promote one’s business , products, or services. Thus, using the aforementioned business listing sites will help yield a productive output to the business.