All about SharePoint and its Features


SharePoint is a web application platform in the Microsoft Office server suite. It has been in the market around since 2001.SharePoint gives a shared space to store the documents so that they are not locked in any one person’s hard drive. Documents stored in the SharePoint can be accessed by any one unless until it have the access privileges. That means too many persons can work in a single file simultaneously in a sing versioning this will reduce the versioning of the document and also reduces the space of the disk from too many files.

Why SharePoint

  • Using the Microsoft SharePoint is like using the Microsoft Word.
  • It gives several aspects of web based collaborative solutions.
  • File sharing across boundaries is very easy in SharePoint.
  • Search is greatly improved in latest versions of the SharePoint.
  • It gives a list based repository.
  • It is used to manage the document as well as web contents (
  • One can use this via Online SharePoint not required to install the SharePoint software. Because of this feature one can access his documents where ever he moves.
  • Ease of information access, reduce the man power and increase the time savings.

Advantage of MOSS over WSS

WSS stands for Windows SharePoint Services and MOSS stands for Microsoft office SharePoint Server

Search engine in WSS is not that much great compared to MOSS and MOSS have lot of functionalities and more useful for Business.

Benefits of SharePoint

1.Easy to create a Collaborative site

Technical skill is not that much required to create a SharePoint document. Who can know about office and web browsing is sufficient.

  1. Manage information

SharePoint provides various tools to effectively centralize and manage information

  1. Effective Communication

Provides the correct information to the right person at the right time like Reports and Task.

  1. Effective Reports

SharePoint used to generate Project task information and automated alerts.

It is also used to generate graphs with Red and Green status.

  1. More secured

The stored data is in the encrypted not easily stolen by anybody.

Completely Customizable and increase the productivity.

  1. Simplify access for the Business data

SharePoint Online provides better reliability. When we face any issues we can call a help center and log a complaint. The complaint will be resolved within a Business working day

There is no hidden thing or critical technology the person has to know for using a SharePoint. It’s very easy to use for the person outside of domain also.

  1. More Consistent user experience

The search engine in SharePoint, emails and browser will give user a great experience.

Easy to integrate with lot of tools like SQL and Web services.

Maintain the external user access is very easy.

SharePoint online portals are very easy to access.

  1. Easily scale up the farm up and down

It is built on an open scalable architecture. Business data connectivity technologies. Built in data validation with curtails rules will easy for the Business to validate their information.