6 Benefits of Metro Ethernet over Traditional T1 Service


Networking and communication technologies have evolved so much over the years that businesses that fail to leverage these advancements run the risk of being at a competitive disadvantage. But to make the most out of such modern technologies such VoIP, unified communications, and cloud, they need to upgrade their existing communication infrastructure. A network service provider can help businesses migrate from the traditional T1 service to the more advanced Ethernet-based services like Metro Ethernet.

Metro Ethernet denotes a metropolitan area network (MAN) and deploys Ethernet technology to connect users in a particular city to a broader service network, i.e. the internet. Read on to learn about the top six benefits of Metro Ethernet over a T1 service.

  1. Simple Requirements and Configurations

Unlike traditional T1 or TDM networks, Metro Ethernet is known for its simple requirements and configurations. With this technology, the shift from a high-speed networking environment is a less complex process, making management, administration, provisioning, and operation of Metro Ethernet as effortless as plug and play.

  1. Less Latency

When an organization would naturally expect its network to be up and running. This is the reason why latency is one of the primary concerns for businesses with a wider network. Ethernet-based services offer outstanding support for voice and data, ensuring low latency for functioning efficiently.

  1. Reliable Method of Communication and Flexibility

Larger organizations prefer the Metro Ethernet service as it enables them to communicate with others in a safe and dependable way. Government bodies, for example, where security and privacy is of utmost importance, can opt for it to connect with their network of offices in different metropolitan areas. Clients also enjoy a fair amount of flexibility as they can easily connect with multiple locations and request for a bandwidth change, when necessary.

  1. Critical Applications Accessible Through Cloud

Small and medium-scale businesses have benefited the most from Metro Ethernet services. It has helped them with enhanced capabilities and efficiencies. Team managers and leaders now rely more on business applications like Freshbooks and DropBox to work with multiple files and a workforce spread across multiple geographies without worrying about storage issues or losing data. With Metro Ethernet, businesses get more scalability, and they can access these critical applications on demand. In fact, Ethernet-based services are extremely scalable to let enterprises access the internet with bandwidth enhancements. This allows a business to use a pay per use model that many find quite economical.

  1. Use of Video Conferencing Applications

Video conferencing applications such as ClickMeeting, eVoice, and GoToMeeting are used by businesses to connect with remote locations, customers, and vendors. Some of these applications are indispensable for modern enterprises. Gone are the days when you had to postpone a crucial business meeting due to poor internet service and bandwidth. This is where the importance of Metro Ethernet comes into play, helping organizations stay ahead of bandwidth problems and prevent them from occurring in the future.

  1. Business Continuity

Modern enterprises can now leverage the Metro Ethernet and tie it into data centers. This is important to work on real-time applications offsite as well as set up the required redundancy for regulatory compliance and good risk reduction practices. You can also backup and recover your offsite data, including that of remote locations that need to be set up in case of emergencies like inclement weather, fire, or any other calamities that make commuting impossible to affected locations for your employees.

Choose a network service provider that offers an all-inclusive communication solution meeting all your business needs. Metro Ethernet service provides more value for money to SMBs that are technology-dependent and relies heavily on effective and affordable network services.