What Smartphone Has the Best Camera for You?


With so many smartphones available, it can be hard to find the one that is best for you. One of the major factors to consider when looking for a new phone is how good of a picture it will take. Your smartphone is the camera you will have on you most of the time because it is quick, easy and able to give you a good result, so make sure it has the features you want to make your photos stand out.

Galaxy S and Galaxy Note

The Galaxy lines from Samsung have improved significantly over the last few models. Samsung has focused on getting better pixels, not more of them. These better pixels are larger and the 12-megapixel sensor combined with the super fast f1.7 lens means that its low-light performance is exceptional because it can gather about 50 percent more light than most of the other smartphone cameras on the market.

While the Note5 has the same camera as the S6, the success of the S7 camera most likely means the camera for the Note6 will be changed and upgraded as well. However, hopefully the Note6 will keep the wide-angle, front-facing lens that the Note5 has because it is great for group shots and selfies that show the background.


While most smartphone cameras have a 28mm lens that is wide enough to capture a room but not so wide that it is hard to use, LG went a different route with the G5. Instead of having a single back-facing camera, LG was one of the first major brands to go with a dual camera setup. This has the advantage of being able to capture images like panoramas with a single photo rather than stitching them together. This means you have less of a chance of adding motion artifacts to the final image.

The G5 also comes with 32GB of internal storage and a microSD card slot that can theoretically support up to 2TB (although this is probably awhile away since the largest consumer microSD cards are a measly 250GB).

If you combine these features with an add-on camera module that gives you hardware buttons for the shutter and video recording, the G5 is a good choice for taking a lot of photos. It is small enough to keep in your bag if you want to keep a slimmer profile without losing those extra controls.


Apple has been perfecting its cameras with each generation since the iPhone 4s. Their colors have been true-to-life and they have enough detail for the iPhone to become one of the most popular cameras on sites like Flickr. The iPhone has been popular with users because it is easy to use and it takes a good image.

For the more serious photographer, however, the iPhone still does not have the ability to take RAW images. This should change with the release of iOS 10, which is rumored to give you the ability to take DNG files and edit them natively. This means that your photos can get even better with just a little bit of work.