Ways That All Businesses Benefit From Social Media


Whether you’re running a startup company or you’re just trying to revamp the marketing strategy of a well-established business, it’s important to implement a social media presence. Here are a few of the top reasons to hire a highly qualified and competent social media team, or contract the social media position to a third party.


Responding to angry customers is no fun, but it’s important to make customers feel heard and validated. When they post complaints to social media, other customers are able to see that your company makes an effort to respond to each person individually in an attempt to right wrongs. On the flip side, happy customers that post to Facebook or Twitter broadcast that your company is one of high quality and integrity.

Limit Time Wastage—For Everyone

Gone are the days of customers calling in and being put on hold for minutes or even hours. Of course, there are certain situations in which phone calls are inevitable, but most queries by customers can be answered quickly and efficiently by your social media team. This cuts down on time wastage for customers, as well as lets your company manage time efficiently. When questions or comments can be answered with just a few clicks of the keyboard, your customers will be happier and your employees can reach out to more customers in less time.

Boost Sales

When your company has an engaging social media presence, there’s a higher likelihood that the business will thrive. For example, Hampton Creek, a health food company that’s committed to creating sustainably produced plant-based products, has tapped into the power of social media to jump-start sales. One of their main products is eggless mayo. Most people aren’t aware of uses for mayo beyond sandwiches, but their thriving social media pages introduce customers to new and flavorful recipes to try. Their YouTube account is bustling with how-to recipe guides, giving their customers a fun and engaging experience with their products. When your customers are aware of how to use your products and are presented with new ideas, they’re more likely to buy. The potential for return on investment with the use of social media is enormous.

Find the Right People

When you maintain an active blog combined with the use of relevant keywords, you’ll be able to draw in the customers that are looking for businesses like yours. This is immensely helpful to both parties, as you’ll sell more products or services, and you’ll also help people connect with what they’re looking for.

Show Case Your Brand

When you have a strong social media presence, you’ll be able to show off what’s great about your products. Beautiful photos are helpful in demonstrating what your brand is all about, but social media also helps you connect with satisfied customers. When someone mentions how great your company is, you can re-tweet or repost to show appreciation and foster a sense of communication with customers.

Make Customers Feel Valued

One of the best factors about social media is the ability to make each individual customer feel heard and valued. Make sure to hire a social media team that’s big enough to handle the demands of customers, and adopt the belief that each question or comment deserves a timely response. If possible, make it a goal to respond to customers in under an hour after receiving communication.

Provide Relevant Answers to Questions

Your company should strive to create content that answers questions. If you keep up a blog, try to create content that’s centered around answering questions that customers might have. Providing tips in your area of expertise can be helpful in generating useful traffic to your site, and entice customers back to read more interesting content.


Modern businesses will find it difficult to thrive without the use of a social media presence. To make customers feel valued, be sure to give your social media accounts regular use. A tweet once a month is not enough. For best results, use several accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and perhaps even Tumblr, depending on your target audience. Regular, systematic upkeep with engaging and exciting content will help your startup business grow or revitalize your established company. If possible, hire a team of social media specialists to stay on top of communication from customers so no one feels left behind or ignored.