Take Experts Help To Shun the Deadly Exposure to Asbestos


Are you one of those planning for renovation, mending or demolition of your home built prior to 1990? Be careful! The property is likely to contain the hazardous, unsafe toxic substance asbestos. If you are not aware of its deadly character or how it can affect on human body then please understand

What is asbestos?

Asbestos is basically a mineral fiber which can be identified only with the help of microscope and followed by some test procedures. This fibrous material has been widely used as a building material during the phase from 1950s to 1990s. The substance got immense popularity due to its fire safeguarding character, erosion resistance ability and also, for wonderful insulation ability.

How Harming Asbestos Is

Factually, materials that contain asbestos elements are usually not treated dangerous so long it doesn’t release dust fibers and becomes air-bourn. Once it mixes with air, they are prone to get inhaled as well, ingested. As per different surveys, it has been established that the common way that asbestos fiber enters one’s body is through inhalation. Other than home building, statistics shows that people working in factories, shipbuilding companies and also involved in constructional activities are inclined to get exposed to asbestos, whereas they breathe in higher quantity of asbestos fibers which can cause

  • Asbestosis is extremely hazardous, non-cancerous chronic respiratory disease. Inhalation of asbestos worsens the lung tissues, and in the advanced stage this can lead to cardiac failure
  • Lung cancer which is one of the major causes of increasing number of deaths due to asbestos exposure is commonly found in people associated with mining, manufacturing, milling and constructional jobs. Needless to say, over exposure can be fatal and lead to lung cancer.
  • Mesothelioma, is another type of cancer and often attacks the thin lining of membrane of lungs, abdominal part, chest and sometimes heart. In the United States, every year around 200 MESOTHELIOMA cases are found and the issues commonly occur in people working for mineral and textile industries;

When it comes to home, asbestos (especially the products used before 1990) can be found in areas

  • Steam Pipes, Furnace Ducts, Boilers
  • Floor Tiles
  • Cement Sheet/ Decorative materials
  • Asbestos Cement Roofing
  • Drywall taping compound AND More..

Action Plan

Regardless of you are a businessperson or home owner suspecting materials containing asbestos, cannot ensure unless it’s not inspected and examined. For this you need expert help. The best option is to get it sampled and send to San Air Technologies Laboratory Inc. for necessary analysis and report. Headquartered in Oak-bridge, Virginia SanAir Technologies is a specialist group offers comprehensive research, investigative and consultancy services for detection and analysis of asbestos, microbes environmental lead and microbiology, Ligionella and other substances and materials.

Equipped with state of the art mechanisms, testing procedures and extremely knowledgeable scientists and researchers, the expert material testing enterprise San Air Technologies Laboratory has been accredited by AIHA or the American Industrial Hygiene Association meant for Environmental Microbiology and also affiliated to National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program or NVLAP for Air-borne Asbestos Fiber Analysis as well as Bulk Asbestos-fiber Analysis. The BBB Accreditation Standard analyst group has also been affiliation with Center for Disease Control and Prevention CDA.