Should You Buy an Unlocked Mobile Phone?


When you purchase a mobile phone under a carrier’s plan, that mobile can only be used with that carrier. That means if you decide to switch to another carrier, you will have to get another mobile phone and transfer all of your information to it. One way to avoid this inconvenience is to purchase an unlocked mobile phone.

What is an Unlocked Mobile Phone?

An unlocked mobile can be used on any GSM (Global System for Mobile) network by using interchangeable SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) cards. That means no matter who issued the card, you can slip it into the mobile and use it to make calls, send texts or go onto the Internet. When you purchase a mobile in a retail location or from an online store and it doesn’t come with a carrier’s plan, you are buying an unlocked mobile.

The Benefits of Unlocked Mobile Phones

Some of the benefits of unlocked mobile phones are obvious. For starters, you can switch carriers and retain your mobile, with all of the information on it. Most carriers will provide you with an SIM card in order to use access their GSM network. You won’t have to lose the bookmarks you have on your Internet browser and you won’t have to retype all of the information from the contact list into a new mobile.

Buy the Mobile You Want

When you start a mobile plan with a carrier, they only offer certain mobile phones with their service plans. If you don’t like their choices, you either have to choose a mobile you may not be happy with or select a new carrier. However, when you buy an unlocked mobile, you will have a wider range of mobiles from which to select, so you should be able to find one you like.

Save Money on Service

Some carriers will offer discounts to people who will be using a mobile they already own. Since the carrier is saving money by not needing to send you a new mobile, many of them will pass the savings onto you. Some carriers will reduce the number of their plans each month if you do decide to use an unlocked mobile with their service.

Convenient for Travellers

If you travel for business, it can be costly to use the same service you have when you’re at home because of the roaming charges. However, if you have an unlocked mobile, you can buy an SIM card from a local service and use it while you’re in the area. This will prevent costly mobile charges or being unable to use your mobile because you are out of their coverage area.

When you purchase an unlocked mobile, make sure it will be compatible with the carrier you currently have or one you are considering switching to. Not all mobiles will work with all carriers and some carriers may not offer SIM cards, so you will want to do some research before you go shopping for a new mobile. However, an unlocked mobile can be more convenient and help you save money on service.