Several of the Best Rooting Software for Free


You should do some research before rooting so that you have a good familiarity of what you are doing and why. Also remember that the majority of manufacturers often void any warranty for your phone when rooted. Installing apps can in some cases also be restricted by your carrier.

Little risk

There is little risk in trying out any root software for android for rooting your devices and they are not going to “brick” your smart phone. If you don’t like one app, you can try another as there are about 10 that work well rooting your phone.

Free root software

There are many free software apps that are quite good and can be used in rooting any Android device whether you use a computer or not. Some of them are able to root and unroot any Android phone/device.


Vroot software is a tool for rooting/unrooting Android devices/phones. This software is able to help root nearly all Android devices that are running on:

  • 3 (Gingerbread)
  • 2 (Froyo)
  • 2 (Jelly Bean)
  • 0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)and newer Operating Systems

Many say that this is the best software to use for rooting Android phones. It is able to root a wide range of Android devices as well as having good support for older operating systems. Most people who know a lot about rooting will advise you to try it first before any others that are available.


KingoRoot is also another good software program and it is thought by many to be the most powerful and convenient apk root tool. It also can be used to root any Android device and version without having to be connected to a PC. The company is also known for great customer service and tech department if you happen to have any type of problem.

One Click Root

One Click Root is believed by many to be another of the smartest Android rooting software. Only one click and you can root your Android device to get to its total potential. They also have good customer service as well as Live Chat which is great when you have a problem and want to hear a real voice telling you not to worry.

These are only three of the best of many software products for rooting your phone or another Android device.