Robotic machine tending- Why Factory Workers Love Robotic Tending

Robotic machine tending

For a lot of people, robots in the factory represent job losses and lost opportunities for those graduating college every year. However, for those who have already worked with or are currently working with robots, all they talk about is the great benefits that robots deliver.

Robotic machine tending is one of the most popular ways through which robots are used in the factory.

Here are some of the reasons why factory workers love robotic tending.

Robots are easy to use

Robots, once acquired by a factory need to be put to use to achieve the reason for which they were acquired. For many, when they think about robots in the factory, they have ideas of complicated machines as they see in movies. However, this is not the case.

When companies adopt robots for tasks such as robotic machine tending, they experience the ease with which robots work. With a little training, any and all factory workers can become competent robot programmers.

Robots are safe to use

Robots are also loved for the amount of safety that they bring to the factory. Collaborative robots, as most machine tending robots are, tend to have high safety levels. They have inbuilt safety features that allow it to work alongside human beings without the need for fencing unlike traditional robots.

Collaborative machine tending robots, are designed to slow down or stop when human beings are too close to it. This makes it very safe to use in every factory.

Ease complicated process

Using robots enables factory workers to easily overcome complicated production processes. For example, the factory could develop a hard product whose design is complicated to implement manually. However, with a robot, workers are able to overcome the challenges and successfully create the product as designed.

Robots also easily tend to numerous machines at a go. Where a human worker can work three machines at a go, one robot can easily tend to eight machines.

Creates higher value tasks for the factory workers

Another reason why factory workers love robots, is that they allow them to gain higher value jobs within their workplace. Many of the tasks in a factory are repetitive dull and boring. As a result, these tasks lead to accidents, loss of concentration and workers longing for breaks and taking longer breaks.

However, with robots in the factory, these tasks can be assigned to them. Factory workers will then be assigned better jobs such as quality inspection once the robots are done. This helps improve the morale of the factory workers. Thus, improving productivity of the workers and factory as a whole.

Other workers become robot operators. These workers undergo training on how to program a robot. They are then assigned the work of manning and operating the robots.

Robots are usually automatic

This means that robots can work for most of the time unmanned. Those who are assigned robot operator jobs do not have to supervise the robots up close at all times. Robots can be programmed and assigned tasks remotely.

If there arises a problem with the machine tending robots, they can easily send out a message to the operator who can work on them remotely.

Can handle numerous tasks in the factory

Robots when deployed to a factory can handle a lot of different tasks within the factory. All that is required is for the robot to be programmed to perform the particular task at hand. Further, robots require some additional tools to enable them to perform different tasks.

For their ability to carry out numerous tasks, factory workers love the machine tending robot.


Machine tending robots are well loved by many factory workers. They make work easier in the factory and can easily handle as many tasks as they are assigned with the right tools. For factories and factory workers who are afraid of robots, there is nothing to fear. Only great benefits.