Polygraphs and bad apples


Let’s face it, we all have lied once or twice or even a lot of times in our lifetime. While little white lies maybe small and harmless, it may develop a habit of lying and quite possibly could escalate in the future. Lies can definitely ruin any foundation of trust, whether in a relationship, long-time friendship or work. In any workplace, trust among employees and higher-ups as well as trust among co-workers is vital to create a non-toxic work environment. There are however, a few bad apples in the company; the key is to identify them and take corrective measures.

One of the key factors in order for a company to grow is to have a successful workflow and of course, good working conditions but no matter how a company tries to better the work environment, there are a few employees that would think otherwise and try to sabotage either the company or one of their co-workers. Of course, it can be a bit hard to prove them wrong, much less catch these employees red-handed; one of the ways to identify if these individuals really mean what they say is to have them undergo a lie detector test to ensure that they are in fact, telling the truth or not.

Confrontation isn’t enough

Of course as a boss or manager, you can confront your employees about certain issues in the workplace. While these might strike fear into the guilty, if you haven’t got enough proof, you won’t be able to pin anything on them and accusations will merely become hearsay, not to mention it will make you look bad for falsely accusing someone of something they did not do.

These individuals might have gotten a habit of lying and sure enough, they can lie in front of your face and you might believe them since they have already honed their “skills” through years and years of lying, and sure enough they can lie through the skin on their teeth as if their lives depended on it. With the lie detector test though, there is but a slim chance that they can lie their way out of the predicament.

Only in the movies

You might think that subjecting these individuals to a lie detector test that you’re just spending money for something that’s capable of being cheated since you might have seen some people do it in the movies. Well, that’s just it; it’s only in the movies. In the real world though, there is but a slim chance that these individuals of interest can successfully cheat a lie detector test, especially in today’s ever evolving technology. Today’s lie detector tests coupled with an experienced examiner can virtually be impossible to pass. These experienced examiners can detect whether the individuals in question are trying to alter the results of the test or not, nervousness is not an excuse as well since to the well-trained examiner, they can differentiate nervousness from actual lying, and it actually shows in the polygraph.

There are of course, ways to go about things in the company than just immediately resorting to a polygraph test, by all means it can be a last resort or a secret weapon when things cannot be solved internally or if the person of interest is really not in a cooperating mood. The polygraph test is a sure way to get rid of those few bad apples in the company.