Make the Perfect Cup of Tea with These Brewing Tips


Tea can do wonders for you. Many health benefits are associated with drinking tea. For instance, if you to relax, you can enjoy a hot cup of herbal tea without caffeine in order to clear your mind and enjoy the subtle flavours. If you need a little boost during the afternoon, you can drink a cup of black tea with cream and sugar to get inspired during the workday.

There are so many different types of teas, like black breakfast teas, green teas, and herbal teas. However, what really makes the perfect cup of tea is the brewing process. If you’re not a professional tea brewer, you might be looking for some inspiration. Fortunately, there are some great ways to brew the perfect cup of tea and you should know about them if you’re ready for a great beverage.

Get a Nice Kettle

People have been using different means of brewing for a long time. In some countries, people prefer to boil water in order to use for making a hot cup of tea. For this, instead of using a kettle, they use a pot of water. Now, the great thing about a kettle, however, is that its spout is designed in a way that makes it a lot easier to pour out the water. For instance, the tea leaves could burn if you poured a lot of boiling water on them quickly. With a spout, you have more control over the way you pour, and believe it or not, the way you pour the water actually does matter.

Because tea kettles are an excellent way to ensure you’re making tea the best way possible, you should invest in a nice one. There are several different types, including stainless steel, stone, and ceramic. Some tea experts recommend that the type of kettle you use should be based on what kind of tea you’re drinking. For instance, if you’re drinking a Chinese herbal tea, you should not use a stainless steel kettle, as these materials would not have been available in the distant past when this tea first became popular.

If you’re interested in getting a nice kettle in order to ensure your water is being poured properly, you should go online and look for a quality option within your budget. You can read online reviews and pick something based on what you learn.

Brewing Methods

A lot of people boil their water prior to brewing the tea. This actually burns the tea leaves, and for most leaves, you’re not supposed to brew hotter than 80 degrees Celsius. If you do, you can risk the tea burning and tasting bitter.

You should also be mindful of water temperatures based on the type of tea you’re brewing. For black teas, you can go a little hotter than you would for white or herbal teas. If you go into a tea shop for instance and purchase some tea leaves, ask the tea expert how hot you should heat the water. You should also make sure not to steep the leaves for too long, as the perfect flavour can depend on how long you steep the leaves.