LG V20 – A powerful Phone which has Already made a lot of Hype in the Market


There are many phone manufacturers who are trying hard to compete to be on the top but, LG seems like is out of the league with its own inventions and designs. The company has made some cool changes in the new phone which reflects the culture and importance of the new age. All the essential features which are used more by the people are placed with a lot of focus this time in the new LG V20. The brand new LG v20 has already gained a lot of popularity because of the dual back camera it has. There are many things which a person will come to know if in case he or she invests in the phone. Some of the features are mentioned below.

Gets jaw dropping videos with the powerful camera!

The LG V20 has a powerful camera which is capable of clicking pictures which are vivid and do not blur whereas the same applies with the quality of the videos. The hardware used in the making of the camera has been designed in such a manner that it does not only meet the best of the camera phones but, surpasses them with the quality. The use of two lenses on the back side of the camera which give a wide angle shot has a powerful 16 megapixel camera installed. The front camera is 8 megapixels which is suffice for video calls. There are many other features which are exceptional like the laser auto focus and 2x zoom which gives the camera the edge. This phone is easily available online and can be purchased discounted rates using snapdeal coupon code. The code can be obtained from different sites that provide coupons.

Get upgraded to the latest of the latest versions of android-

Heard of Nougat? Well, there is much more to be unboxed this season. The all new android nougat is all set to release and people are already going gaga over it. There are many speculations about the change in the interface which is new and compels the youth. So, make sure you are the first one to get notified when the OS is released in the market. A person can now, get to use the latest of the android version on the best phone in the market. The current OS of the phone is 6 which is by far the latest of what android has released. The performance of the new OS can be seen in many phones.

Get more with LG v20 if you are music lover-

The powerful speakers which are placed in the LG V20 are more than enough to hear exceptionally well. The sound hardware used makes the music quality better and even makes it audible to a good length. The use of Quad Dac in the speakers is an example how far LG has gone this time to release this masterpiece. The Quad Dac which is a copyright of LG makes sound quality clearer than before and speculations are that by far the most clear sounds has been produced by this technology. So, fingers crossed till we get the best of the LG in a matter of some months.

Experience next level audio recording

The audio recording feature of the phone allows next level recording to be done with ease. The use of 3 mics makes recording procedure much better to the old times. There are many people who are still working on making user experience of recording better but, LG has nailed it. Now, available with Hi-Fi music recording, it can add much charm to the clear audio quality and even the minute details being recorded with ease.

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