Keylogger pros and cons


A key logger’s action is to store every activity and the keystrokes of a computer user. Sometimes it can be helpful or harmful depending on the user’s interest. There been a case where people don’t even follow some basic rules for their online banking account and all their information got hacked by a malicious person. The malicious program stores and saves everything into a screenshot or information. Hackers intentionally use the key loggers to harm a person. But the key logger has its own advantages especially in IT firms it’s playing a prominent role to troubleshoot technical or network issues.


There are some websites which offer keylogger software for free. This will be really helpful for an individual who wants to track all the information in his personal computer in case someone uses it. This is also helpful for parents to track their children activities on the computer.

Let us discuss how the keylogger works if we install it on our computer. When key logger software is installed all the keys you hit will be stored in your computer’s hardware. You can see the stored information by clicking keylogger icon followed by some instructions. Some software are programmed to transfer data from local computer to remote computer or stored on web server. There are even anti-keyloggings not to store the activities on your computer. This is mainly helpful to protect your information and not to be hacked by malware programs. Some key logger icons are hidden which you can’t even know that it is installed on your computer. The main purpose of anti-keylogging programs is to detect the key logger on your computer.