How Lyf Mobiles are different from other Smartphone Brands



Reliance LYF, is an Indian mobile handset company, the consumer electronics arm of Reliance Industries Limited. The brand is known for making VoLTE enabled 4G smartphones and is operated along with parent company’s flagship venture, Jio.

Reliance with the intention to build a substantial platform prior to its 4G rollout had partnered with the domestic handset maker Intex to make 4G phones enabled with voice over LTE (VoLTE) feature. But in October last year, it was announced Jio would be launching its own mobile handset brand called LYF, with manufacturing done by the chinese telecommunications giant, the ZTE Corporation.

On 25 January 2016 the first LYF mobile was launched named LYF Water 1. The company launches smartphones under four sub-brands named on earthly elements – Earth, Water, Wind, and Flame. Below are some details which reflects that LYF mobiles are truly different from most other smartphone brands.

Difference between Lyf Mobiles and other brands

Firstly, as a means to garner enormous market share right from the start, the brand offers some really exciting offers. LYF smartphones are sold with free Jio SIM cards having access to 4G LTE, giving regular consumers access to the network for first time. As an icing on the cake it even offers three months of free unlimited 4G data along with 4,500 minutes of free voice calls, which makes these smartphones really tempting.

Then coming to the type of products, unlike most of the other brands who specialize in either budget or premium devices, LYF mobiles are available in all categories ranging from low cost entry level phones to midrange and even some flagship devices, catering to the taste of all segments of society.

Now regarding distribution and availability, unlike other new brands who usually takes significant amount of time to establish distribution network, LYF already has a wide distribution network in place which gives it an edge over others. It has more than 1,200 distribution partners reaching out to almost 115,000 retail points of sales. Company ensures that if any LYF device, if it’s not available in a particular store, it reaches the consumer within 24 hours.

Finally coming to after sales services, Reliance already having widespread presence in India, has quickly managed to set up over 1,000 service centres all across the country with more than 3,000 service engineers. This gives it a huge advantage over many other new entrants in the smartphone market who are yet to come up with reliable service network, leaving a big doubt in customer’s mind whether or not go for their products.


These are some of the primary highlights which makes LYF mobile truly unique compared to many other smartphone brands. The brand has been aggressively marketing these products across all platforms, which seems to be paying off as most of the latest trade reports shows increase in the number of sales of its device and a rapidly growing market share.