How I stopped worrying and learned how to animate



SVG has been an option for many designers and developers for several decades, it stands for scalable vector graphics. Mostly SVG is used to define vector-based graphics for the web that do not lose any quality even when they are zoomed or resized. What led me to learn how to animate SVG was due to its ability to integrate with other W3C standards such as the DOM and XCL. I thought about quality, scalability, size and user-experience platform on how to learn how to animate SVG that outrun the other formats such as GIF.

The SVG’s advantages

  • The first big advantage is the “scale”, using SVG inline also means you can change other properties on top of width or height.
  • Another advantage is creating an SVG and coding it means fewer HTTP requests which usually mean your page performs better.
  • Most downloadable animation software requires users to download additional plugins and add-ons to achieve complex animations,SVGator is user-friendly since it doesn’t require any of these complexities.
  • It saves time when using SVG thus allowing developers and designers to manage their time. To animate SVG content using coding can be time-consuming. Beginning web designers invariably end up spending more time than they’d want in learning specifics of coding.

How does SVGator Work?

It’s so simple to learn how to use SVG.  Users can go to SVGator website, import their static SVG files, and use the different animation presets and keyframes to create animated elements. These animations can then be exported in an SVG format for offline use. The code generated for these animated elements is clean and robust. This makes the whole process of creating animated SVG elements much easier, fulfilling, and quick for web designers. SVGator is perhaps the only online animation platform for designers and developers that allow them to export animated SVGs with flawless code.


Because of all its inherent terrific benefits the SEO user-friendliness, ease of editing, scalability, and independence of resolution concerns, SVG continues to be a key design asset for web designers and online developers. And, with SVG Animation Creator at your disposal, you can easily create SVG design assets without even learning to code the basics, saving a lot of time. You don’t require any technical skills all you need to is familiarize yourself with the animation process and your good to start up the SVG animation.