Here is What You Should Compare before Buying a Mobile Phone at Valentine’s Day 2017


It’s 2017 and one of the most awaited festive season is around the corner. The Valentine’s Day is approaching soon, so you should begin deciding the perfect gift for your loved one. Flowers, chocolates and toys are old fashioned, something we usually end up giving on many other occasions. On Valentine’s Day, you should do something different and surprising for your partner. When it comes to your loved ones, distance is something we simply cannot tolerate, so how about a gift which brings you two closer? And what can do that better than a mobile phone, one of the most revolutionary inventions by modern science! Giving a mobile phone might sound exciting, but it is also something that you need to do carefully. It is not necessary that the most popular phone in town is the best phone for your partner’s needs. Therefore it is important to evaluate their needs and the phone specs. To help you with the evaluation and comparison, given below are a few points to help you compare mobile phones in India.

  1. Screen Size – The most important thing to keep in mind while comparing mobile phones is the screen size. Always ensure that the phone you are gifting is ideal according to the hands of the user. Do not give a 5.5 or a 6 inch phone to someone with small hands, it will become difficult for them to manage. The opposite of this is equally important; avoid giving a small sized phone to someone with big hands. And keep in mind, big screen phones always consume greater amount of battery. The ideal screen size is 5 inches.
  1. RAM and Storage – People often have to change phones not because they begin encountering any kind of problem in that phone, but because they are out of storage space, and there is no scope of an external SD card. Storage is one of the key aspect to compare mobile phones, after storage, comes the RAM. This determines the speed of data processing in your mobile, and is dependent on the processor in the mobile. The higher the processor, the greater will be the RAM. A higher RAM is usually accompanied by a greater internal storage capacity.
  1. Operating System – The most common options in this front are Android and iOS, you might also opt for Windows. Whichever operating system it is, make sure the mobile is supporting its latest version, and has scope for upgrading further. One of the key criteria for deciding the operating system to compare mobile phones is buying one which should be compatible with all the other devices you use. You might want to give someone an iPhone, but if they are using Windows in other devices, compatibility might be an issue. This will also work the other way round, if one is using all Apple products and you give them an Android mobile, they might not appreciate it.
  1. Design – Although the design and body of the phone is what one sees first, it can be compared at last, because just the external beauty of the phone will not make it last long. It is important to emphasize more on its key specs for a helpful comparison between all the available mobile phone devices. To compare mobile phones based on the design, the only thing you need to keep in mind is that it should be sleek and have a responsive touch. If you end up giving someone an out dated and unresponsive phone, they would end up throwing it out of the Window.
  1. Battery Life – If you truly want someone to appreciate your choice and your efforts of selecting an appropriate mobile phone for them, choose the one with a long lasting battery life. Although all the phones claim to have a full day battery life, this does not turn out to be true for a lot of them. Phones from a few reputed brands can give a good battery life even when using 4G, but do not generalize it for all smartphones. Read the reviews and try to ask a few users of the phone, you plan to gift, about its overall performance. This would give you a fair idea about its performance and whether you should gift it or not.