Google Pixel XL Vs Google Pixel: What’s new



Google is one of the larger entities in the fields of both hardware and software. However, with the Pixel series (Pixel and Pixel XL), Google has debuted with its very own range of smartphones. Contrary to the other smartphones bearing the name of Google, the Pixel series comes out from the Google factories, independently. However, according to 91mobiles, it can be noticed that both variants in the Pixel series, Pixel and Pixel XL, share some similar traits as well as some dissimilarities. Here, we are going to take you on a tour where you will find out how the two brothers (read: Pixel and Pixel XL) stand to be different from each other.

The Build and Display

The Google Pixel looks like a copied replica of the Google Pixel XL, just the micro version. The Pixel seems to have been born out of the ashes of its elder sibling. The Pixel comes in a compact size (144 x 68.5mm) but has similar thickness (8.5mm). Owing to this larger frame, the Pixel XL becomes a good 25-grams heavier. Both the brothers are built on a sturdy metal frame and come with similar colour variants.

Even though the Google Pixel XL is larger in size, it flaunts a superior 534 ppi and a resolution of 1,440 x 2,560 pixels on its 5.5-inch screen compared to the 441 ppi and 1,080 x 1,920 pixel resolution on the 5-inch screen of the Pixel. Both the variants are protected by v4 of Corning Gorilla Glass. Moving away from the physical aspects of the display, it can be noted that the Pixel XL is loaded with a very sharp 2K display, in contrast to the full HD display on the Pixel.

Processing speed

Though the Google Pixel comes in a compact size, it does not fail to deliver high end performance, just like the Pixel XL does, thanks to the identical processor, namely, two dual-core Kryo processors, paired with 4GB RAM. The graphics on both these smartphones is processed by a GPU of Adreno 530. So finding out any subtle distinction in the graphics can turn out to be the toughest job.


The Google Pixel XL is capable of sprinting for a longer period of time than the Google Pixel, thanks to its superior 3,450mAh li-ion battery, compared to the 2,770mAh li-ion battery. This hyped battery efficiency gives you a longer 32 hours (approx) of showtime on 3G, whereas, the Pixel delivers nothing more than 26 hours (approx) of uptime on 3G.


Google Inc. has manufactured two different smartphones with the same specs keeping in mind the preference of the users. The Pixel is just the carbon copy of the Pixel XL, a little smaller in size, for the people who love handling compact devices. Apart from the aforesaid differences, there isn’t much of distinctions in the two, the camera, storage, connectivity and configuration being the same. Having said that, the whooping 10k difference in the initial price tag between the two cannot be justified much. Hence, if you can suffice with a smaller, standard sized screen, it can be advisable to consider Google Pixel as the foremost option.