Get The Best Bargain For Your iPhone In A Few Safe Steps


Having an iPhone these days is more of a status symbol than having a phone for a purpose. So, when you think of selling this expensive buy, there’s bound to be a solid reason. Mostly, we are besotted with a new model and are looking to upgrade the same to one of the latest models or it’s beyond repair. But, how do we sell our iPhone in the safest possible way and what are things to check out for?

Before selling iPhone make sure that you have deleted all the information on your phone that you must have stored. This step helps your information to be accessed by anyone who purchases the phone and thus, prevents your data getting misused. More than your privacy getting invaded, it’s about any fraudulent activity with your crucial data or identity theft.

However, manually deleting your data such as, documents, photos, contacts, calendars, reminders or any other data that’s stored in the iCloud does not ensure you are safe. Sign into your iCloud account with your Apple ID and then delete any information permanently from the iCloud servers. If you are on an iOS10 device then log out of the iCloud before you delete any information from your phone.

Ensure that you unpair your Apple watch from your iPhone device if you have paired them at any point of time before selling iPhone. Do not forget to backup your iOS device, now open Settings and go to iCloud. Go to the bottom and sign out from iCloud. For a device that’s still on iOS 7 or earlier simply click on Delete Account. Log out once more, click the option “Delete from My iPhone” and put in your password. Now, logout from the Tunes and the App Store. For this, all you need to do is to open Settings, go to iTunes and App Store, click on Apple ID and Sign Out.

You must return to the iTunes and App Store Sign Out option and click on General, then go to Reset and now click on Erase All Content and Settings option. If the Find My iPhone option was on, you will have to input your Apple ID and the password. You may also have to enter your device password or the password for Restrictions, after which you can simply click on Erase. If you want to transfer your service to a new owner you will have call your new owner. Most of the times the iPhone are non SIM versions that requires you to contact the new owner for the service transfer.

However, if your iPhone is sold off without following the above steps you can request the new owner to delete all data and settings following the above directions. You can also delete the data by signing in to your Cloud account from a different device or by using the Find My iPhone app. Alternatively, change your Apple ID passcode. Deregistering Message and deleting your credit or debit card details from is another important steps to follow.

Therefore, before selling iPhone remember to follow these steps to get the best bargain for your phone, safely!