You might be a techie but when someone asks you to write, you might shiver. Otherwise, you could be a great writer but when assigned to write a technical document you may totally shake your head. Is writing and that too on a technical niche that difficult?

Well, it is not. You can be a technology legend or you can be a journalist. Writing a tech paper can be as easy as reading a comic. To get a hold on writing in technical arena, all you need is to be patient to understand and practice regularly to catch up the quality and speed. While doing a freelance technology writing jobs, just follow the four simple guidelines to improve your write-up.

Be concise in your writing

Writing long sentences can easily distract the reader for the origin. Shorter sentences make it easier for the reader to highlight the point that he feels important and grasp the idea. To increase the length of the content, people generally go on adding information, which may not be required in the topic. A technical write-up should be clear, to the point and, concise.

Use the active voice

It is not the spoken rule, but is preferred worldwide. Active voice indicates the performance on action whereas the passive voice describes the action already performed. In addition, active voice uses fewer words than passive voice and eliminates the confusion over who did what to whom like situation.

Avoid Jargons and ambiguous words

In your technology content writer job, it is your responsibility to present a clear, unambiguous picture of the content before the reader. Using jargons, local phrases, slangs, etc are unethical. This may attract people’s attention but in a long run, avoid this practice.

Be specific

Do not use opinionated words if you are writing a technical documentation. You can use some real life examples to explain the point but make sure it does not distract the reader from the main track. And if even, the example should be relevant. Also, do not drag unnecessarily just to increase the length of your content. If a thing could be explained in 10-15 words, let it be. Do not elaborate to make 25 words.

The best way to induce the above techniques in your technology content writing is practice. There are several online tools available for practicing writing and making it a habit. Review whatever you write. Do not freak out if it sounds elementary. While revising, make sure your writing is complementing the above four mentioned points. If there is some gap, think again, make amendments and review again. Keep this process ongoing until you reach a satisfaction level. Remember, your readers will be satisfied only if you are satisfied with your writing.