Everything You Need to Photograph or Video Your Life


As with most superstores for photography, 42nd Street Photo has all the top cameras in their inventory.

Digital cameras

This store includes most of the better cameras that are on today’s market. These brand name digital cameras include:

  • Canon
  • GoPro
  • Nikon
  • Panasonic
  • Olympus
  • Pentax

There are also many brands that are not as well-known but are also in the superstore inventory.


Canon has several series of cameras; two being Point and Shoot and SLR. Canon also has the PowerShot series that have many features as well as come in many prices. All these series come in various megapixels as well as lenses and other photography equipment.

Bundle kits

They also have various bundles such as:

  • Canon S- Starter Accessory Package;
  • Canon S- Basic Accessory Package;
  • Canon S- Executive Accessory Package;
  • Canon S- Pro Shooter Accessory Package.

These bundles include various size memory cards, bag for equipment, extra rechargeable lithium battery, cleaning kit, mini table top tripod, and USB reader/writer for memory card.


Nikon also have a Point and Shoot and SLR series. CoolPix series is the perfect camera for those just beginning to learn how to take digital photos. They are inexpensive models on one end with more expensive ones at the end of the price scale.


There are also cameras for various environments such as:

  • Underwater
  • Spy cameras including belt, sunglasses and digital pen
  • GoPro which are the latest in action camera


For video digital cameras, 42nd Street Photo has a variety of these including:

  • Hard Drive Camcorders
  • Mini DV Camcorders
  • Memory Card Camcorders
  • PAL System (International)

For careers

Many photographers have both a camera and DV camcorders especially if they have a career such as taking video and pictures of:

  • Weddings
  • Graduations
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary

All these camcorders and cameras have equipment for lighting, tripods of various sizes; as well as specialty lenses.