Everything you need to know about Coolpad Note 5


We all have certain requirements that we would want our mobiles to fulfill. This would require us to use a handset that is advanced, and has all the recent features. Apart from the key features, another important factor is the price range of the device. No one would want to buy an expensive phone if they can get all those features in a cheap device. One such device, which is not only budget friendly, but also offers you the best of features is, Coolpad Note 5. This is one of the recently launched devices which can not only fulfill your mobile requirements, but will also leave you with a pleasing performance. Key features about this device, which you must and should know about this, are listed below.

  1. Powerful Battery Life – For many of you, who did not go into details of the device, might be surprised to know that Coolpad Note 5 comes with a 4010mAh battery. This is the battery voltage you will find in most of those phones which promise to provide a long battery life, and last for atleast one full day. Another thing to note here is; you will not find a device which gives an equally powerful battery life in a device at this range. There are certain devices that you can come across, with a powerful battery, but not as powerful and long lasting as this one.
  1. 4 GB RAM – Coolpad Note 5 has several such features which will leave you in awe of this phone. Irrespective of whether you buy the 32 GB variant or the 64 GB variant, you will get a RAM of 4GB. This is another aspect that makes this phone a unique one, no other device gives a 32GB device with 4GB RAMS. With this mobile you get a 4GB RAM in all variants, along with a 1.5 Ghz, Snapdragon octacore processor.
  1. Fingerprint Scanner – Although this has recently become a feature a lot of devices are coming up with, not all of them have been able to provide one which is very efficient and responsive. Coolpad Note 5 is one of those devices which offer users a reliable, rear fingerprint scanner that can help you secure your device. Along with a quick and efficient fingerprint scanner, the company has also been talking about a gesture shortcut, that the users can make use of.
  1. Dual Apps – One of the most intriguing things about mobile software these days is the support for dual apps. Xiaomi had been providing this till now, through its MIUI, but now you can use it in Coolpad Note 5 as well. The Cool UI, which is the operating system in the device, allows you to have two accounts on applications like Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, and more. With two accounts you can choose which app to have in which account, and it will not be accessible in another account.
  1. Dual Flash – What many phones from this range have not been offering is the dual flash feature. In Coolpad Note 5, you not only have a rear LED flash, but also a front flash, so now you can click the perfect selfie even in insufficient light. The best of the clicks no longer have to come from the rear camera, the 8MP front camera with LED flash can also give you the best of images.

Verdict: The performance of the mobile is determined by its hardware as well as the software; Coolpad Note 5 comes with the best of both. Along with a royal finish from an aluminum body, it also provides users’ access to an OS which allows for smooth and efficient working of the device. It not only makes using the device simpler, but also more exciting, by providing you with the best of features. In addition to all this is the powerful processor and RAM it comes with. The internal storage provided by the device is also sufficient for storing data. The phone is not only affordable but also very usable; it comes with more than necessary features and provides you with an amazing experience. This phone should make it easier for you to decide which mobile you should go for.