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Epson present a very wide range of projectors to suit all applications. Their product portfolio ranges from entry level business projectors, home cinema models to high-end solutions for conference, school or events applications. A list of the highlights from the Epson range would be too long, but we are more than happy to support you with any questions you have on any of Epsons excellent product range.Epson projectors
Epson projectors lead the market with innovative technology, high quality and performance. That’s why Epson has been the world’s number one projector manufacturer since 2001.In response to demand from its customers, Epson has expanded its installation range to offer a wide choice of models to suit every need – from lightweight, 4,000-lumen projectors, to powerful 10,000-lumen models. As well as business and education customers, Epson’s range caters for users in more challenging environments, such as factories, clubs and arenas. A selection of Epson projectors are dust and sand-proof, while others can operate in temperatures of up to 50°C.
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Epson says native 4K projection and more laser models will arrive ‘in good time’, but the priority is competing in the popular sub-£1000 home cinema arena with ‘high brightness’ projectors. We spoke to Neil Colquhoun, the business director of Epson Europe’s Visual Instruments division, to find out more. Earlier this year, Epson launched the £6000 EH-LS10000, its flagship home cinema projector and the company’s first to use a laser light source instead of the typical lamp. And according to Colquhoun, it won’t be the last: “The future of Epson’s home cinema projection definitely includes more laser, more resolution”. He didn’t rule out more aggressive pricing in future models, while also hinting laser models would soon appear in Epson’s custom installation product range.

The Epson EX5250 Pro is the more advanced model, featuring built-in wireless capabilities. Users can beam their presentations and videos directly from an Android or iOS mobile device. For traveling business users, this means you can leave your bulky laptop behind at the office and carry just the EX5250 Pro and a smartphone or a tablet. The EX5250 Pro displays content at XGA (1,024 x 768) resolution, and the device utilizes Epson’s 3LCD bulb technology that’s capable of outputting 3,600 lumens of color and white brightness. For home cinema fans there are the Home Cinema 2040 and Home Cinema 2045. These full HD models deliver, according to Epson, “refined cinema at an accessible price point”. Both projectors claim promisingly high dynamic (not native) contrast ratios of 35,000:1 and 2200 Lumens of colour and white brightness. Both models also, surprisingly for their $799 and $849 price points, carry video processors capable of delivering both detail enhancement and frame interpolation – if you like that sort of thing.The Home Cinema 2040 and 2045 even try to drag the world of projectors kicking and screaming into the smart age with their connectivity. Both models support playback of multimedia files from USB storage devices, and the direct connection of mobile devices via the MHL-over-HDMI protocol, letting you stream movies, TV shows and video games in high definition.