Difference between Poor Quality Vs High Quality Blogs


No matter what you do, it is the quality of your content that should be given prime importance while making a blog. It determines the popularity of the blog in the social media. A sensible, useful and error free content attracts readers to a particular blog. So before you start a blog it is essential to know what makes the content, good content! Without this knowledge you might put in a lot of efforts for your blog to be a successful and popular one but your efforts won’t reap results unless directed towards a proper direction.

For making a blog that are of high quality you will need to ensure the following things:

Create Original Content and Use Attractive Headlines

The content should be original to be appreciated and opted by the mass. Copying other people’s content will not fetch you good results in the long run. If you don’t have something useful to say, then don’t say. Repeating the same things over and over can pull you down the ladder.

Use of a relevant headline attracts readers to read your blog further. Statistics reveals that 80% of the population read the headline, and only 20% of them read the full content. So the head line is as important as the content itself.

Write Actionable, Engaging And Pointed Content

A good content is one which not only gives useful information but also guides readers to use them effectively. A post containing mere advises is not considered good unless it helps readers to use them aswell. Not to forget, people read non-fiction to learn and become better. Let your blog do the same.

An engaged reader grasps each bit of what you write and say and the only way to engage reader is to write engaging content. To write something that engages readers you should leave readers with questions, make a promising introduction and involve stories in your content.

To make a significantly better content one needs to avoid fluff. The blog posts should state to the point information without being unnecessarily lengthy. To the point informative blog post attracts readers to a particular blog.

Be Able To Provide Answers And Be Accurate In Your Information

Much like a search engine, a blog is also used by a user to get answers. When someone reads a blog what he looks for is an answer that helps him gain knowledge. And yes, they don’t only want answers, they want answers fast. So make your blog in a way that juicy, important information can be picked up quick.

You write a blog which is read by several people all over the globe and it comes out to be inaccurate. Can you imagine the damage it would cause? The accuracy of your information builds readers trust on your blog. So write accurate statistics and information only

Communicate Better With Images And Videos

The content you add to your blog posts gets boring and hectic if no images and videos are attached. To make your blog content attractive and interesting, you need to add some nice and relevant pictures and videos that enhances the understandability of the content as well.

Regular Updates

Starting a blog is a commitment. You write a lot of posts for some time and then abandon your work; this will not bring you many readers. Moreover search engines prefer websites that are regularly updated. If you have a blog you have to update it regularly with quality content.

A poor quality blog doesn’t need a definition. Any blog that lacks the above qualities is considered poor and falls down reader’s preference list. Hope with this article, your blog doesn’t enlist itself to be one among them.