Convert all TIFF File Formats to PNG


There are several different file formats for pictures and the reason that why there is a need for so many different file formats is that there are several different types of operating systems, and software to open image files. And as obviously not all of them could open a single file format. Then if you are having pictures in one file format, but later you want to open in some other software or operating system, then for sure, you are going to need to change the file format. In the past, it was for sure one complex method, but now this process can be done for free, and in a matter of some seconds.

Table of Contents

.tiff File Format

As you can convert tiff to png online. Tiff files are basically one of the highest quality pictures, but the only difference between this format and others is that tiff is being used to scan the text files. All the text files that you will scan, and convert in the form of pictures will be in tiff file format. And this format is being used only for the Mac operating system. Now if you want that picture in your Windows Operating system, then for sure you need to convert tiff to png. Png is basically another file format for pictures, and it can be used by Windows operating system. This is also one of the highest quality formats, as here you can see all the editing clearly, which is not possible in any other format. Now for sure, many people are looking for to convert tiff to png free.

.png File Format

The main software that creates the original png file format is Microsoft Paint, while for other software you are going to need to convert them online. The process of file format conversion is really simple and easy. First of all, you need to select the tiff file from your computer memory, which is, of course, easy to find. Then you will see a list of possible file formats for conversion, but as obvious you have to select png. And then the conversion will start which could take a few minutes. After the conversion process is completed then all you have to do is just to click download, and the file will be downloaded to your computer memory.