Cloud vs. dedicated servers


Servers are used everywhere in the world. Every big time company will have its own server which is responsible for providing the facility to various customers. Dedicated servers are very popular when it comes to web hosting. But Cloud industry is also getting very popular these days. Cloud hosting is done in the virtual environment and the server is also set up in the cloud. There is nothing like physical dedicated server. This makes most of the people to get confused which type of hosting services they select for their business between cloud or dedicated server.

Cloud servers

Cloud servers are the best when it comes to optimize your data over the cloud. You need not invest your money in setting up all the hardware and servers. You can save a lot of money that you are going to waste while setting up the hard lines and in networking. Cloud servers are best for small and midsized companies. These servers can be configured or upgrade online in order to enhance your performance, and security that you needed in your servers. They are entirely hosted in a virtual environment and is managed by the company which is providing the facility of cloud hosting. The advantage that comes with cloud hosting is that they are easy to upgrade and provides a wide flexibility with respect to storage size and processing speed.

Dedicated servers

Dedicated servers are the hard servers that need to be purchased and setup by the business itself. These servers are costly and are also available on rent. These servers are best for big time companies which needs high level of storage, security and performance. Those companies use dedicated servers which need to provide their services 24×7 in all 365 days to their customers. They need regular maintenance in order to keep them upright and online.