Change IMEI on your Cell Phone for Free


On every single iPhone device there is a feature called Change IMEI. This feature when it is activated prevents the maximum security the iPhone user can have and it is impossible to use the device unless you provide the proper ID and password.

The advancement of the technology enabled the development of the most sophisticated software nowadays and the Change IMEI tool is among them. It is really cleverly developed software which can stop the IMEI lock directly from the server.

So if you are iPhone user who has forgotten his Apple iD or password or if you have bought an iPhone from second hand source it is possible that you have difficulties using your iPhone.

In a situation like this it is recommended that you get the software tool- Change IMEI and that you use it to resolve your problem.

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Change IMEI For Free

The IMEI Changer process with this software tool is very simple as well as easy. It is proven that it works for iPhone 6 plus, 6, 5c, 5s, 4s as well as for some older models too. You can also Bypass the Activation Screen on iPad and iPod touch devices.

The Change IMEI Software tool is free. That means you must not pay for it even though there are plenty of web services which offer it for certain amount. You can find it on the provided download links bellow for free.

The Change IMEI process is also very easy. It requires that you download and install the tool on your computer. Once you have the Change IMEI tool installed just connect your device to your computer and run the IMEI Changer tool as administrator. Select your iPhone model from the generated list and proceed. After that the tool will Change IMEI Number and after a while it will complete the process. You will know when the Change IMEI is complete when the tool starts the Auto Reboot on your iPhone.

Once the Reboot of your device is completed you just go to iTunes and do Update and Restore. Once you finish with the restore process your device will Change IMEI successfully and you can start using it without problems.