Camera Lens for Phones


Smart devices have replaced a telephone and a camera all at once in a single product. ORM have worked with many companies who used to make portable cameras and thought they would never go out of business but technology is unpredictable. Who knew secretaries would be replaced by a BlackBerry or iPhone in the 2000’s. Many companies in the camera industry thought it was going to boom since people were achieving a higher standard of living which results in more vacations and more pictures will be taken. No one thought the camera industry would die out over night with the emergence of a smart phone with an amazing camera. Now the only camera’s that are still alive in the market are the professional grade camera’s with interchangeable lens and these camera’s are at risk of extinction. The reason is that there is a company who invented an attachable lens for smartphones where it allows high resolution pictures to be taken as well as other modes that is quite similar to professional cameras. Many people can take amazing photos with the professional camera since it does most of the work but with the addition of powerful lens on any smartphone, people will have that ability but without the annoyance of carrying around a huge camera. ORM started to create an online campaign by comparing the lens to professional camera’s such as Nikon which are big and bulky to carry around on trips or everyday outings. With the lens, anyone can have professional level photos taken anywhere as long as you have your lens with you.

The lens themselves are made from titanium which makes it virtually indestructible and the lens themselves is rather slim which can be carried in a pocket or a bag to any outing. ORM knows how this can change the landscape for the camera industry just how smartphones affected the digital camera industry in the early 2000’s. Some parts of the world such as Japan have whole floors dedicated to professional cameras where you can purchase any type of lens or accessories. However, all of this will change when the lens hit the market with a strong message on capturing the moment. Now, any moment can be captured with your phone and it will be as beautiful as a real photographer taking a shot. The lens also comes with an application you can download to your device to optimize the lens and many have reported that their camera app is far superior to the built in camera app.