Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Communication


Online communication is a modern method of communicating through two or more PC’s, no matter how far apart they may be.

This system reduces the costs of calls (up to 74%), whose price depends on the market but not on the time of connection, as in traditional telephony; Thus, where a “fit” conversation was now “fit” 10, which will reduce the fees for the end user. In addition, you can call a landline or mobile phone, anywhere in the world, to transmit fax, voice, video, email by phone, messaging and e-commerce.

However, some of its disadvantages are the quality of the communication (echoes, interferences, interruptions, background sounds, distortions of sound, etc.), which can vary according to Internet connection and ISP connection speed; Can only be used by people who own a computer with a modem and a telephone line; Some services do not offer the possibility that the computer receives a call, nor do they work through a proxy server.

The advantages of online communication´╝Ü

-Email is fast.

-The email does not depend on the location.

-Email facilitates group communication.

-E-mail messages are digital data that can be edited and combined with other documents by computer.

-Online communication is less intrusive than the phone by using some online communication tools.

Online communication allows time shifting.

-Online communication allows decisions to evolve over time.

-One of the main advantages is the availability of information quickly. Customers / users can easily acquire information about the products they wish to buy, and check it at any time of the day.

– It allows companies to save money, an aspect that is very much taken into account at the moment when investing in advertising campaigns, since Internet campaigns do not need large financing.

– Internet presence can help the company expand from a local market to national and international markets at the same time, offering possibilities of expansion virtually endless.

– The above aspect, in a way, reduces the difference between large and small companies / competitors, increasing competition and thus bringing benefits to consumers.

– On the Internet everything is measurable, making it easier for companies to know instantly how a particular campaign is run, which company or user is interested in their products, from which cities or countries, and so on.

However, it must be taken into account that in Online Marketing, as in any strategy, it is also necessary to take into account disadvantages, which as far as possible should be mitigated or remedied :

– Slow connections to the network can cause difficulties. If companies build pages that are too complicated or too long, users may take too long to view or download them.

– E-commerce does not allow the buyer to “play with the hand” the product before the purchase. Some sellers, therefore, are beginning to guarantee the possibility of returning the products. In Germany, where a law has been in place since 2000 that regulates trade and guarantees buyers the total return of money, e-commerce is very popular.

– Another factor is the form of payment: many users still do not trust electronic payment methods and give up buying online for that

Some disadvantages of online communication:

Despite the advantages it presents, internet communication also has some drawbacks. One of its negative points is the need to have a computer that has access to the Internet, this form of communication being impossible in the case of the absence of this or the person being away from home and not having the laptop. However, this problem is being solved, with mobile phones with Internet access

Disadvantages of Internet Advertising on the Internet should not be seen in a vacuum. It should be one more component of your marketing strategy on the internet. Although the popularity of the internet is increasing, it is difficult to see the results of advertising through this medium. The range of advertising costs on the internet vary considerably. The most advisable is to perform a page comparison with a high frequency of visits to determine the best way to invest your money.

Email, instant messaging, and teleconferencing are the most common forms of communication between people in computer networks, these offer many advantages over traditional mail and telephone communication and can shorten or eliminate many meetings. But because of some important limitations email and teleconference cannot completely replace old media. People who communicate with these new media should follow simple etiquette rules on the network and exercise a degree of caution to avoid many of the common problems