Acer Predator Z850 UltraWide 24:9 – Best Projector Screen

Acer Predator Z850 UltraWide 24 9 Best Projector Screen

Gaming is really a big business worldwide. Gamers spend billions each year of popular games and gaming great to ensure maximum fun and engagement. And Acer is interested in cornering a big chunk of this money away from gamers with their best projector screen-the Z850 gaming projector- that offers tons of impressive features with a steep price which is acceptable given its great features.

The Predator Z850 is also world’s first highly advanced ultra-wide laser projector that’s specifically designed for gaming, and this best projector screen expands company Predator gaming portfolio that also includes notebooks, desktops, monitors, and tablets. It’s outstanding design features red accents and a completely black chassis with fine geometric lines. In fact, it was lauded as CES 2016 Innovation Award Honoree.

Key Features

  • Mirrorless Ultrashort innovative throw technology that projects images up to 122 inches from just 18.5 inches from the main screen, offering flexibility in placement options.
  • This laser projector delivers 24.9 ultra-wide HD images that is best for enjoying games with a much wider field of view on either a big screen or a wall, making it great for parties.
  • Laser illumination technology contributes to stunning colors and superb brightness.
  • High 3,000 ANSI lumens brightness ensures vibrant and stable picture quality.
  • The Predator Z850 uses a adjustable feet and top mounted lens to make it quick and easy to deploy without any mounting or drilling required.

The Predator Z860 features a special bleeding-edge laser project that can throw 24:9 aspect, ultra-wide HD images right on the big screen or wall at a resolution of 1920 X 720, which is 50 percent wider than 16:9 display resolutions. The best projector screen uses ultra-short, mirrorless technology that can project your images to 120 inches wide, from short distance (18.5 inches) away from the screen. Being easily able to project images from such as short distance means, you can set this up in virtually any room-and you don’t need any space to properly configure and use it.

Ideal for Tight Spaces

Thanks to its new ultra-short-mirrorless throw technology, you can use this projector at a wide screen from short distances. There won’t be any shadow interference at any crucial moment during gameplay. Its adjustable feet and top-mounted lens ensures effortless deployment without any mounting or drilling, and this setup is great for LAN parties. The Predator Z850 projector can be packed immediately after use without any need for cooling period and can automatically perform its safety shutdown after your set time elapses.

Command the Battlefield

Whether you’re defending a mothership or sniping hostiles in the jungle, the Predator’s Z850 ultra-wide resolution (1920X720) can expand the battlefield like never before. It displays 50 percent wider image than 16:9 screen resolutions. This interesting feature can augment gamers peripheral vision to present a highly competitive edge over enemies in almost all types of games.

Freedom from Wires

You can easily pair Predator Z850 with an optional HD-kit to enable super fast 1080p lossless wireless streaming. This way, you can keep your room clutter free from those unsightly cables. A highly useful feature in new homes fitted with modern décor.

Laser Diode Lighting the Way

The best projector screen is equipped with advanced laser diode that delivers bright images up to 3,000 lumens with a really wide color gamut that easily brings games to life. Its laser illumination technology inside helps it equalize brightness across the image, and also helps it in producing more vibrant colors. The projector also claims a wider color gamut but clear information on the percentage of sRGB color space it covers is not clear.

It features an astounding 100,000:1 contrast ratio that allows it to deliver vivid images with rich blacks, deep, crisp whites, even with massive screen sizes. The best thing about Predator Z850 is that its projector screen can last up to 30,000 hours. Definitely, a good money saver option. Acer’s ColorBoost3D also improves color performance both for 2D and 3D visuals, and its ColorSafe II reduces color decay.


For connectivity, the Predator Z850 offers you two VGA inputs, an RCA input, and an HDMI input. If you want to ensure seamless 1080p display you can also buy an optional Wireless HD-Kit. This wireless feature also ensures a clutter free setup in your house since you no longer would need any cables or wires.

The Acer Predator Z850 is currently available in the US for $4,999 (MSRP). You can get exciting deal on this projector online. So go ahead and buy one today!