7 Features That Every E-Commerce Mobile App Must Have

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E-commerce is a growing industry and almost every seller wants to have an online store to supplement his brick-and-mortar sales. But having an online store is not enough as the business also needs an e-commerce mobile app to reach the smartphone customer base out there. It is important to understand that these apps differ from conventional gaming apps and there are some key features they should include. If you are planning to invest in one, here are the 7 most significant features to have in your e-commerce app.

  1. Intuitive interface

The first and foremost element of an online shopping app is an intuitive interface, with an appealing design and rich functionalities. It should be so easy to understand that the user is able to comprehend each step of shopping and complete the checkout process with speed and ease.

  1. Easy onboarding

The user should be able to onboard the application in short, simple and easy steps. The registration process should be as uncomplicated as possible, with minimum form filling to be done by the new users. Similarly, the login process should be easy too.

  1. Excellent user experiences

It is also essential for e-commerce apps to deliver excellent user experiences because you are not selling your products but crafting experiences. Seamless navigation and high speed, along with an eye-catching design and minimal checkout steps come together to elevate the user experience.

  1. Multiple and secure payment options

Payment is perhaps the trickiest phase in an e-commerce selling journey. This is where most customers are likely to abandon their carts as the app may not have the payment option preferred by them. Similarly, security may be another concern for them. The solution is to have multiple and secure payment options on the app.

  1. Push notifications

Push notifications are used to send repeated reminders to the users about the shopping offers and product launches on the e-store. Shopping apps require this feature for marketing purposes as repeated reminders are capable of driving conversions.

  1. Social media integration

Another feature your e-commerce app must have is social media integration. It enables users to register and login by using their social media accounts, which makes the process much easier. Moreover, it enhances the brand presence as users are encouraged to share the products and offers on their social profiles.

  1. Reviews and Ratings

An e-commerce app should also have the reviews and ratings feature so that the customers can share reviews of the products and shopping experience of the app. As a form of user-generated content, reviews and ratings by real-life shoppers add immense credibility to the brand and push the conversion rate too.

The requisite features of an e-commerce mobile application will always be the same, whether you are investing in mobile app development atlanta or any other state. There is a need to have complete knowledge of these features so that you can convey these requirements to the developer team. Communication is equally important as it enables the developers to comprehend your needs and also suggest the best options for you.