5 Ways Technology Has Helped The Travel Industry

technology that benefits travellers

With the constant upgrades and changes to technology, there is lots of new technology that benefits travellers and the travel industry. Technology has helped shift and improve almost every aspect of the travel industry and allows safer and easier travel for the public. From virtual reality to smartphones, technology enables the world to enjoy travelling more and has helped the travel industry boom.


Pretty much everyone has a smartphone these days and they are one the best technology devices available. They have also helped to transform the travel industry. One particularly handy thing about travelling with a smartphone is that they can get someones boarding pass on their phone. This is very handy as he/she does not have to carry additional paperwork when travelling. Smartphones are also very handy to have when travelling to keep people entertained with podcasts, music and Netflix as well as access Wi-Fi to read restaurant reviews and update social media.

Power in the hands of the Customers

Technology has helped the improvement of the travel industry as people are able to book anything and everything wherever they are and whenever they want. With access to smartphones and tablets, the ability to book hotels and flights has become much easier on websites and apps. This gives the customers the power of deciding exactly what they want to book for their holiday or travels. Instead of letting travel agents book everything, with easy access to booking websites, people are able to see all the choices available. For example, when looking for cheap flights to Dubai, they can look at all the options and book what they want for their holiday on their own.

Air BnB

Air BnB is one of the biggest and most exciting results of the digital revolution. Technology has allowed the concept of staying in a stranger’s home normal when travelling. Although this concept is not new, by accessing technology, it has allowed travellers to be able to travel the world without the cost of fancy hotels or the hassle of browsing and booking hostels. Technology helps to accelerate the process of travel and in the particular case of Air BnB, it has allowed the world to become closer and more accessible.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (also known as VR) is helping to transform the travel industry because the high-quality technology lets people travel the world without leaving their seat. Technology can capture images from around the world and display them on virtual reality technology in real time or as recordings. This allows people to see the world without having to physically travel. From the Egyptian Pyramids to the Golden Gate Bridge, people can war VR goggles and be immersed in different locations around the world.

Never Get Lost

Thanks to satellite navigation technology, fewer travellers are getting lost during their holidays. With sat-nav’s now built into most modern cars as well as smartphones, it is easy to find your location and directions if someone is lost. Whether someone is driving or walking around a new city, if he/she becomes lost, they can use their smartphone to find their location and give them directions back to their hotel or the destination they were trying to get to.