4 Ways To Increase YouTube Subscribers


If you’re a content creator on YouTube with your own personal channel, you may even be among lots of people who find it hard to expand your subscriber base. But if you’re one from the small, but fortunate group of publishers without this problem chances you’ve encounter this issue in the past.

I know just how frustrating putting a ton of time into growing your channel without seeing any results can be. Particularly if you are creating some amazing videos that you simply thought would actually convert lots of viewers into subscribers. Regrettably sometimes people need some sort of incentive to encourage them to click that subscribe button. Ordinarily you would not think it might be that hard to gain subscribers since there’s over one billion people actively using YouTube. Especially since every one of those individuals people can sign up for numerous channels at their discretion.

Most viewers are drawn to channels which are already popular. It’s appears unfair that a lot of people gravitate to these popular channels with lots of subscribers. This is what causes many of the smaller channels on YouTube to be ignored entirely. In some occasions it might appear impossible to send people to your YouTube videos, but it’s not.

#1 – Take advantage of other social networks

YouTube is not the only game in town! There are several other popular networks available to take advantage of that can send a ton of new viewers to your videos. Facebook & Twitter a both huge networks, so use them and don’t forget to take advantage of hashtags. Using other sites to achieve more exposure is a terrific way to gain additional subscribers.

#2 – YouTube Exchange Groups

There’s a lot of YouTube exchange groups that you can join on Facebook. Many publishers, like yourself, use these groups to network with other YouTube publishers. These exchange groups work like this, whenever you post a video other members will watch, like, and sub in return for you doing exactly the same for them.

It’s a slow process of scraping subs anywhere you’ll find them, but at the minimum you will see some progress as your channel begins to gain traction.

#3 – Video Embeds

Do a little research to collect a list of blogs inside your niche. Contact those authors and ask them to embed your video inside a future article. Offer them something in exchange, such as a video shout out back to their website. This strategy clearly requires a little more effort and luck, however it could be well worth it if the blog is popular.

#4 – Buy YouTube Subscribers

Consider purchasing YouTube subscribers. This is an easy and effective way to get more youtube subscribers, but you should be very selective regarding which businesses to trust. There are several cheap services on Fiverr for example, but stay away from using any of those services since they’re unsafe. YouTube has no problem sniffing out fake subs which will get removed within hours or days.

Mass Media is the business I trust for YouTube services. This company is extremely reliable and everything they deliver is protected and can pass any one of YouTube’s inspections. Mass Media also provide clients with a guarantee that all YouTube services remain permanently.

Many people are against buying YouTube subscribers, but I’ve found it to be extremely beneficial. I rather invest my time on my next video opposed to promoting my videos. If there’s a service that can safely assist me with promoting my channel then I’m definitely going to take advantage. Especially if I can get me a lot of new subs for only a couple dollars!