4 Technology Trends Witnessed In 2018


Every year there is enthusiasm in the minds of tech-savvies. With a few months already gone in 2018, several innovators have shown their share of surprises in the form of intuitive tech that makes help make life easier. These gadgets actuate the way people live, move and work with convenience. Moreover, these trends in technology will keep evolving. Without the knowledge of this sector, you may miss the essential inventions that are changing continuously. Moving on through Q2, here are some of the current technology trends you need to keep a look at in the year 2018. 

·         High-resolution Televisions

If you thought 4K concept is brilliant, then think again. Many renowned companies are investing in improving the resolution beyond 4K. CES events have witnessed the presence of ideas like the 8K OLED televisions have reached a far higher aggregation of OLED pixels. Also, TVs are becoming thinner this year. LG’s Wallpaper TV is a brilliant example of such technology where the screen is not only thinner than the thickness of a regular pencil but also clearer than 4K tv.

·         Wireless Charging

While wireless charging has been present in the previous years, you can witness its growth in various devices more frequently now. Many smartphones are adapting to a charging technology that focuses on improving the user experience without the need of irritating wires. Until now, you must have seen its charging abilities with the help of a power mat or a base on which a user places a smart device for charging it. However, this method of charging is evolving into a new concept known as air charging. With it, you can power your device without the need of touching to a source. Over-Air wireless adapters will soon be used more conventionally. Find more Gadget News right here.

·         AR

Virtual Reality (VR) had spellbound everyone last year. You can see users enjoying VR headsets all over the world. However, this year the focus will be on Augmented Reality (AR) where the 3D environment will not stay in the virtual world. It will be brought to life in the real world. In other words, it will be augmented with the real world to deliver a unique experience. AR will enable users to stay in the real world and enjoy the virtual entities at the same time. This concept will be widely popular for presentations, conferences, and other business-related aspects.

·         Voice Assistants

No matter how capable Apple’s Siri has been in the past years, there were still limitations to the things it could do for users. Nevertheless, there have been improvements in the Voice Assistant technology, which is not limited just smartphones or computers anymore. Innovators have introduced various gadgets like the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Echo, and many more to deliver a mesmerizing experience. These units are so capable that you do not even need to carry them around anymore. Say your command from anywhere in the room (where the VA unit is placed), and it will respond to it.

The year 2018 is still going on and there so much to see in the upcoming future. Technology enthusiasts will always be excited about such inventions that change the way people live.