4 Reasons You Need Digital Appliances


When it comes to consumer appliances, convenience has become the name of the game. From the frontrunners of the kitchen hardware industry to laundry equipment giants like Continental Girbau, producers are adding unprecedented value to their newest models.

Here are four reasons why you need to invest in the digital era of home appliances.

1. You Save Time

The average mother spends five months doing laundry and related tasks in her lifetime. While a definite improvement on washing by hand, older models of washing machines are still major contributors to figures like the aforementioned, demanding a tedious process involving the manual input of various settings per type of load and precious minutes spent idling nearby, waiting for a cycle to end.

The latest line of commercial washing machine variations you’ll find from suppliers like http://cgilaundry.com/ utilize smart technology to enable users to pre-program their most frequently used settings, with memory functions allowing for a number of different configurations to be stored at a time. You save time tapping a screen instead of mashing buttons and twisting dials for your linens, only to repeat the process for your clothes.

2. You Save Cash

Many of us have wasted money on the careless mistake of leaving our appliances on before leaving the house. The world wastes roughly $19 billion a year on electronics that are switched on, burning monetary and environmental resources on perfectly avoidable errors–which means losses incurred by our own absent-mindedness could be staggering.

A wide range of modern appliances let you turn them on and off remotely. Others come equipped to inform you of usage statistics via smartphone app, giving you an idea of how frequently you use them and how much water or energy they consume.

Best of all is a water consumption monitor that beams information straight to your phone, giving you ample opportunity to cut down on your water bill.

3. You Have More Fun

The many functions being incorporated into modern smart technology include a fair amount of novelty. Between fridges you can talk to and color-changing, light bulb and Bluetooth speaker hybrids that let you rave in the comfort of your own bedroom, modern appliances offer consumers more opportunities to enjoy themselves throughout the day.

We know this can easily be dismissed as a trivial addition, but you gain nothing from rejecting a an added dose of joy in your life.

4. They Offer You Greater Freedom

The point the all of these perks to smart technology are driving at is simple: your smart appliances give you more freedom to work, spend, and play. The minds behind our machines recognize the potential for our tech to free up our options as we carry on with our daily lives.

The limits set by our need to perform basic living functions are shrinking with each new turn of the conveyor belt, and the act of living feels more like being alive than just surviving.

Invest in digital appliances if you feel that your life could do with more control, and if the idea of expanding your options appeals to you–you won’t regret it!