I Am a Magento Developer, How Can I Find Projects?

Magento developers often have a hard time finding decent contracts. Many developers often work on a freelance basis because it gives them the freedom to juggle multiple projects together and makes it easy for them to earn a considerable amount of money without having to tie themselves up to one job. But it’s not easy to find a consistent stream of projects and many developers find themselves out of work for long periods of time.

So if you are a Magento developer, how can you find different Magento projects that are right up your alley? Well, there are a number of ways by which you can get some good Magento jobs. Here are some excellent avenues that you should explore.

Look at Freelance Websites

Arguably, the best option available to you is to check a few freelance websites. There are a whole host of different freelance websites from where you can secure clients that might even be willing to work with you on a longer basis. It’s recommended that you make your profile on different websites and then try really hard. It’s recommended that you work on your profile as much as possible and create an extensive portfolio so that you can attract clients in the best possible way.

Potential clients are going to be very nitpicky so it’s important that you cover all aspects. Make sure that you provide information about your experience and your work, and when it comes to the interview or the proposal, be as descriptive as you can. Clients like to get as much information as possible about your work and your experience as a Magento developer. Also, make sure that you apply for as many Magento projects as possible. Do not slack off on this as it only increases your chances of getting a good offer.

Find a Suitable Marketplace

One of the best options available to you is a dedicated marketplace such as It’s an excellent website that serves as a fantastic marketplace for people looking for different kinds of Magento jobs. You don’t even have to pay them a penny until your project is underway so there’s nothing for you to lose!

If you are a freelancer, you have to be dogged in your approach. Try to follow up with as many clients as you can and make sure that you continue sending applications. The approvals will follow!


Tips for Finding Web Hosting Providers

When it comes to web hosting, you should have in mind that everything we do online depends on them. Security, support, and speed are features that you will get with a high-end provider.

At the same time, you will be able to scale your website correctly by implementing the latest animations and design trends so that you can grow the number of visitors exponentially.

You should check here to learn more about finding the best provider for your particular requirements.

We can find a wide array of hosting services, both online and in brick-and-mortar stores. The prices tend to range from a few dollars every month to a few thousand dollars depending on the package you choose.

Generally, you will not be able to create a website without investing in hosting, and that is not something you should choose based on affordability. Instead,it would help if you thought about the features that you would get with it.

Things to Consider

  • Customer Service – You need to remember that customer service includes at least phone support, email, and ticket support, among others. However, you will be able to check with past clients and customers to determine turnaround time on requests. Remember that turnaround tends to vary from company to company. Some providers will provide you an ability to call them 24/7, which means that anytime you need something, you can call them to get what you wanted in the first place. That is the first thing you should consider before choosing the proper provider for your particular requirements.
  • Managed Services – When it comes to managed services, they are high in case you wish to delegate the management of your website to the third party completely. That way, they will make sure that everything is configured correctly, maintain the safety issues, update the software requirements, and manage backups, among other things.
  • Service Depends On Estimated Traffic – It is vital, to be honest with yourself when creating expectations when it comes to the traffic that will visit your site. Remember that hosting providers will charge you based on bandwidth usage and storage. Bandwidth is a measurement that will tell you how many bytes you can use for a particular period. Therefore, if you expect fewer people to visit you, we recommend choosinga low bandwidth at first. Of course, you can upgrade it when you reach the top of Google rankings, which will ultimately bring you more traffic than usual.
  • Create a Comprehensive Research – The idea is, to be honest with you to reduce the expenses and potential risks that come with them. For instance, if you wish to implement only a few pages for a local audience, you should find the package for your situation. However, if you are building a website in which you wish you reacheda high number of visitors, you should avoid stressing out low-end shared servers and choose cloud-based and dedicated one just for business purposes.

You should visit this link: to learn more about service hosting providers.

Understand Different Server Types

  • Shared Server – Similarly, as we have mentioned above, it is vital to think about which type of server you will need for your business purposes. The most affordable solution is to get a shared server, in which a single box is handling numerous different websites. Therefore, the performance depends on the other sites as well as yourself, which can be problematic in case you achieve a spike in visitors. Remember that shared hosting will not provide you all capabilities that you can get with the server. Therefore, you will limit the number of uploaded files through SFTP and FTP.
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) – On the other hand, if you wish to implement a virtual machine or simulated computer that will run your website, you will be able to choose this particular solution. Keep in mind that most providers will use these instances on a single box, but you will achieve the same performance as shared servers. The most important consideration is to understand server management and maintenance with this particular one.
  • Dedicated Server–If you wish to avoid sharing performance with other sites, we recommend you to consider a dedicated server. It is a physical computer or box that only you will use for your situation and website. It is similar to having your server, but you do not have to think about its maintenance.
  • Cloud Servers – Cloud servers operate by using public clouds, which is why you will be able to create a configuration that will meet your requirements and needs of your customers. The best thing about this particular type of server is the ability to improve the scalability of your website. If you need to handle numerous visitors, you have to pay for it, and you will be able to achieve both speed and responsiveness that will bring you more customers in thelong run.

It is essential to be wary of unlimited offers. Keep in mind that some providers will offer you unlimited bandwidth and storage for the affordable price tag.

However, that is not the only thing you will get because by paying this particular amount, you are risking to throttle the performance of your website after you reach a certain number of visitors.

At the same time, you should implement a portable content management system, which will prevent the lock-in issues that may happen.

Remember that even though host providers are currently right, management changes, times change, and technology improves, which is why you should always prepare yourself for choosing another host instead.

By doing so, you will have a backup for everything on your site, so that you can quickly transfer from one host to another without losing valuable information you already implemented on your site.


Robotic machine tending- Why Factory Workers Love Robotic Tending

For a lot of people, robots in the factory represent job losses and lost opportunities for those graduating college every year. However, for those who have already worked with or are currently working with robots, all they talk about is the great benefits that robots deliver.

Robotic machine tending is one of the most popular ways through which robots are used in the factory.

Here are some of the reasons why factory workers love robotic tending.

Robots are easy to use

Robots, once acquired by a factory need to be put to use to achieve the reason for which they were acquired. For many, when they think about robots in the factory, they have ideas of complicated machines as they see in movies. However, this is not the case.

When companies adopt robots for tasks such as robotic machine tending, they experience the ease with which robots work. With a little training, any and all factory workers can become competent robot programmers.

Robots are safe to use

Robots are also loved for the amount of safety that they bring to the factory. Collaborative robots, as most machine tending robots are, tend to have high safety levels. They have inbuilt safety features that allow it to work alongside human beings without the need for fencing unlike traditional robots.

Collaborative machine tending robots, are designed to slow down or stop when human beings are too close to it. This makes it very safe to use in every factory.

Ease complicated process

Using robots enables factory workers to easily overcome complicated production processes. For example, the factory could develop a hard product whose design is complicated to implement manually. However, with a robot, workers are able to overcome the challenges and successfully create the product as designed.

Robots also easily tend to numerous machines at a go. Where a human worker can work three machines at a go, one robot can easily tend to eight machines.

Creates higher value tasks for the factory workers

Another reason why factory workers love robots, is that they allow them to gain higher value jobs within their workplace. Many of the tasks in a factory are repetitive dull and boring. As a result, these tasks lead to accidents, loss of concentration and workers longing for breaks and taking longer breaks.

However, with robots in the factory, these tasks can be assigned to them. Factory workers will then be assigned better jobs such as quality inspection once the robots are done. This helps improve the morale of the factory workers. Thus, improving productivity of the workers and factory as a whole.

Other workers become robot operators. These workers undergo training on how to program a robot. They are then assigned the work of manning and operating the robots.

Robots are usually automatic

This means that robots can work for most of the time unmanned. Those who are assigned robot operator jobs do not have to supervise the robots up close at all times. Robots can be programmed and assigned tasks remotely.

If there arises a problem with the machine tending robots, they can easily send out a message to the operator who can work on them remotely.

Can handle numerous tasks in the factory

Robots when deployed to a factory can handle a lot of different tasks within the factory. All that is required is for the robot to be programmed to perform the particular task at hand. Further, robots require some additional tools to enable them to perform different tasks.

For their ability to carry out numerous tasks, factory workers love the machine tending robot.


Machine tending robots are well loved by many factory workers. They make work easier in the factory and can easily handle as many tasks as they are assigned with the right tools. For factories and factory workers who are afraid of robots, there is nothing to fear. Only great benefits.


How Useful To Choose SEO Service For Business Development?

Search engine optimization SEO helps the business in many ways. This is common for all kinds of businesses to improves the search engine ranking easily. To maintain user-friendly websites, you have to choose the professional Seo service in delhi. The experts bring potential customers to your branding. And equally improves the conversion rates as well.

Otherwise, SEO helps business to improves branding awareness. Then with the help of the experts, you can update your site easily. If you are a business person, then surely you know SEO service right? It is because almost the business people now use this service majorly. Surely the Seo service makes your business at the next stage.

What are the endless benefits of SEO service?

User-friendly website:

At present, SEO helps businesses to create fast and user-friendly sites. Some people are facing difficulties maintaining the good search engine ranking, therefore by using the service you can recover all your issues and difficulties. SEO is popular for improves user experiments. The professional SEO experts are given well structured and unique sites to you. Similarly, they are given the high-end quality content to make your visitors engages to read and share the content with all.

Bring a huge audience:

This is one of the main reasons to choose the search engine professional service. This highly helps to increase the customer base. Of course, with no effort, you can reach the target audience. This is one of the faster techniques to gains huge customers. Probably the service is more effective and affordable strategies to use for business development. This will brings active customers who seek your products hugely. Once you hire the service, then you never spend your time, money, and energy. The professional experts will take care to reach your satisfaction.

Enhance branding visibility and trust:

branding visibility is important for business growth, but the seo service in gurgaon is assisted to create the unique buzz surroundings to branding which helps to promote your brand. Once you start to prefer the service, then your branding stands out from the crowd. This is longer-term strategies so you can trust it blindly. There are huge differences are available in between optimized and non-optimized site. When using the SEO service, you can understand the difference by yourself.

SEO attracts customers quickly:

Every business person’s dream is to attract customers. It is not a simple thing, but it is easier when hiring professional SEO services. It is because the readers prefer quality content today, therefore the professionals are given the content with quality and huge information about your branding. So it reaches the customers quickly and also the readers will share your content with others.

Then automatically your branding attracts the audience. The main thing to hire the SEO service is it loads site faster, easier to read and surf the content. Otherwise, it displays everything properly. Overall, the service will help you to create a better conversion rate. Therefore try to use the service without fail.


Application Monetization – 5 Models To Generate Revenue

There are many different goals and purposes in mind when planning the creation of a mobile app, such as: creating your brand and audience base, adding additional communication method to target users, creating a platform to promote your company, expanding your business model or profit. For that it will be necessary to monetize applications, regardless of the purpose of the app! Contact today our Ad Revenue experts at Postindustria, they will guide you in the best possible way.

See the top 5 app monetization models

1. Paid model

Choosing a paid model means establishing a price tag for the application. Therefore, access to the app will be released upon payment confirmation, as it is a more direct monetization model. That is, the financial return will be more evident, as it is a metric for analyzing engagement in your app.

The secret of this monetization model is knowing how to position your application well so that it can be perceived by users.

2. In-app purchases

In this model, the application can be downloaded for free and users can use it as much as they want without any payment obligation, except when purchasing the products. The sale can be used for the app’s own resources or online stores such as e-commerce or marketplaces.

The Pokémon Go game is an example of this. The user flow is not interfered at any time, as the app does not block any of its actions and resources.

3. Freemium (free + Premium)

In the freemium model, you monetize the app by mixing free and paid resources, allowing users to access all the app’s resources in a given period. After it, the user will need to buy the app to resume use.

To do this effectively, you need to show users the value of the app for the premium offering to reach it effectively. The idea is to involve the user until he is willing to pay for the full, expanded or improved version of the application.

4. In-app advertising

This is the app monetization model that appears most often in free apps. With it, users will see ads while using the application, generating revenue for each advertising impression and clicks.

There are two main ways of displaying the ads: they appear after a period within the app or a banner in the header or footer of the layout.

5. Paywalls

Paywalls are quite similar to the freemium model, but are used for content. This model allows users to access a part of the content for free to a certain extent, requesting registration and payment to obtain full access to the content.

This is best for services that plan to offer live information feed, as well as newspapers and magazines. However, it can take some time to gain popularity and confidence in the content.


Things to Consider with Your Vacuum Cleaner Purchase

Vacuum cleaners today come in different shapes and sizes each with their own specifications. Finding them have also become more accessible with them being made available over the internet. This in turn makes it relatively easy for just about anyone to be able to purchase and acquire a vacuum cleaner at any given time when the need calls for them to do so. Let us look at some of the factors that you may want to consider to help you with your next vacuum cleaner purchase.

Price is Not Everything

As mentioned earlier, a common misconception some people have with vacuum cleaners is that they can be quite expensive to acquire. This however, is not entirely true as a number of individuals were able to find good quality vacuum cleaners without spending a fortune. Take for example the Dyson V6 vs V7. At first glance one may think that the V7 is the best option especially since they are more expensive than the previous version. With that being said, you may want to consider if the extra features such as an added battery life and better brush bar power which is present in the V7 to be worth paying for their additional cost.

Factors to Help You Decide

It is important for buyers to consider their needs rather than their wants with regards to vacuum cleaners. This is especially true for those who are on a tighter budget. Added features are great but they usually come with a few extra costs which can all add up after your checkout. Furthermore, you may be able to afford the newer model but you will want to review their size and dimensions first to see if the item will be able to fit your storage space. The Dyson V7 in particular, is known to be much bigger when compared to the Dyson V6 which is better for smaller spaces.

Ratings and Reviews

It should be noted that vacuum cleaners have their own fair share of strength and flaws that comes with their purchase. You can however, get a much clearer picture about these units by looking at ratings and reviews that are posted from previous clients. These individuals have used the products themselves making them trustworthy.

You can also look at the average score or rating for their vacuum cleaners to see what their general feedback is and what people think about them. You can then use this knowledge to help make you feel safe and secured with your purchase. Regardless of your decision, both Dyson V6 and V7 are great addition to any home helping their users save a fair amount of time and convenience as a result. Order yours today!


Secure Your Linux VPS Now

Verifying your Linux VPS is the most significant thing you could do just after its installation and configuration. However, it is considerably more secure than other working frameworks due to its security model. Be that as it may, the Linux’s Security Model (LSM is not 100% secure and has some security breaks.) Thus, in this guide, we will clarify probably the most widely recognized safety efforts you have to take to secure your click to buy Linux VPS from programmers over the web.

  • Invalidating Root Account

Need to verify your Linux VPS? If yes, the main thing you have to do is impairing the root account. Rather than utilizing the root account, you could exploit sudo access for root benefits. This can limit programmers from attempting savage power to split root account secret phrase and obtain entrance of it.

Sudo is selective access that can be given to an approved client to run managerial directions and kill the need of root get to.

But, before impairing root account, ensure that you have made a non-root account utilizing the guide.

  • Using SSH Keys

SSH is an abbreviation for Secure Shell. Secure Shell (SSH) is a cryptographic system convention, and it is answerable for scrambling the data between a client and the remote machine. It enables clients to perform secure system administrations.

It utilizes SSH keys to sign into a server with the goal that you can get a progressively secure method for signing in. By and large, programmers utilize beast power assault to break passwords. In any case, it is practically difficult to interpret the SSH keys by utilizing the beast power assault as they have more piece of information than a secret phrase. It implies there are essentially increasingly potential methods of blends for a programmer to crack. Along these lines, you can associate with your server without entering your password. Besides, it is considerably progressively secure.

  • Blocking Undesirable Traffic

A firewall is an assurance from unapproved access to a server. It is a system security gadget that screens traffic to your server and permits or obstructs particular traffic dependent on foreordained security rules. It makes a hindrance between a confided in the interior system and an untrusted outer system i.e., the web.

Firewalls enable you to restrict access to your server relying upon which gathering referenced above is reasonable for you. You can offer access to everybody utilizing open administrations, and you can limit the consent utilizing private administrations. You can likewise make a few information totally out of reach to the outside world.

  • Regular Software Update

Security breaks are common in every sort of programming you may be utilizing in your framework. Disposing of these security breaks is a fundamental daily practice in verifying your Linux VPS. This should be possible just by utilizing the refreshed programming accessible in the separate programming store in light of the fact that obsolete programming may have security ruptures and refreshed for a similar explanation. This is perhaps the least difficult methods for forestalling interruption assaults.


Want to Get the Best ELD Device? Here’s What You Need to Consider

Considering the ELD mandate as proposed by the FMCSA, opting for the best ELD provider for the commercial motor vehicles is more crucial now than ever. Having solutions that enable you to track Hours of Service make sure that the vehicles and drivers are safe on the highways. The right decision may result in simplified compliance, greater returns on investment and increased safety. Making a decision in haste or choosing on the basis of lowest price offering may lead to innumerable consequences like searching for new solutions or unreliable technology.

If you’re keen on choosing the best ELD devices, you need to rely on the right provider. The factors you need to consider are mentioned in the following write-up.

  • Company History

The ELD mandate has led new companies appear in the marketplace owing to the better opportunities. Though they might promise to offer the products of top-notch quality, they lack the required experience to switch the commercial motor vehicles or fleets from paper logs to ELDs. Also, the regulations related to hours of service are complex and the new providers might not have the expertise to test the devices thoroughly prior to listing them. Hence, it is essential to check a company’s history prior to settling for one among the myriad of options. Make sure that the provider you’re considering has years of experience and a great reputation in the industry for offering high-quality devices at best rates.

  • Customer Support

Research well and choose professionals that are capable enough of solving intricate device-related problems for the clients. Make sure that the team members collaborate well to offer the clients with innovative solutions. The professionals should be focused on helping the consumers to get the finest services. It is better to opt for the providers that offers personalized support 24/7.

  • Beyond ELD Compliance

Choose a provider offering multi-function ELD solution that provides innumerable benefits beyond compliance along with better returns on investments. The professional you rely upon must offer integrated solutions with multiple features and functionalities and deliver values for long-term. An electronic ticketing or mobile workforce management device can streamline the procedure and provide you with faster payroll.

Varied ELD Platforms

The fleets have varied priorities or requirements depending on the truck type, desired functionality and work environment. A tablet/smartphone may work best for a single fleet but the rugged computer would prove to be the better option for different fleets. You must choose the providers wherein you would have that flexibility to opt for varied platforms for different vehicles that you may have.

When it comes to choosing the best ELD for owner operators among the myriad of options, making the right decision can turn out to be stressful. Hence, it is better to rely on providers who’re capable enough of suggesting you with the best device. Browse through the Internet to choose the professionals that have earned maximum reviews online for offering quality devices at best rates.


Which one is the best app for downloading videos?

For modern users, the use of cell phone is not restricted to call or text. With the availability of the smartphone, the user can do a lot of things on this device, including watching videos. One can find lots of videos on the internet which he wants to have on the smartphone so that it can be shared to others on different platforms using various apps and social media as well as personal sites. It is not that easy as in many cases, the platforms where the videos are uploaded do not allow it. In such a case, the user can be helped by the video fetching apps only.

However, here one has to face a different problem as on play store many of the apps are there which claim to fetch the video, but unfortunately, these claims are baseless, and hence the user gets disappointed. Well, in such a situation, one can rely on the Showbox apk 5.35 donwload for pc with the help of which download of the videos is possible.

Download the app right away:

To have the vidmateapk, one needs to download the app first. Here one must note that this app is not there on the play store and the only option to get it is via the website 9apps. Here one can find various apps which can help the users in a different way. The vidmate is a video fetching app that can be downloaded from the site with the help of a link given on the site.

One needs to download the app first and then get it installed for which he has to permit the app to access various media folders available on the device. The app is completely safe, and there is no hazard associated with it that can harm the device in any way. Hence one need not worry and get the app installed. It may take a little for the app to install, but one needs to see that the device has sufficient space to perform this task as well.

The use of the app:

To use this app is very easy, and even a novice can take complete advantage of the same. The user needs to have the link of the concerned video, which is easily available on the concerned platform. He needs to paste the same to the space given on the link where he can also found a button showing download. As he clicks on the button after pasting the link, he may get the video pulled from the concerned platform as the app fetches the same on the basis of the provided link.

It may take one or two minutes, depending on the size of the video and network speed. One can also make changes in the quality of the video as there is an option provided by the app for the same. In a few minutes, the video will be stored on the device in a specific folder created by the app. He can share it with any other user as per his wish or view in his spare time while being offline.


Top 5 Drones for Kids: Air Hogs Star Wars: The Seventh Episode The Force Remote Control Millennium Falcon Quad


Its title may appear to be long when the credits of Star Wars are open, however, it speaks to the genuine falcons of the thousand years! This is one of the best drones for kids.


FPV: No Battery: 7-10 minutes Age Range: 8+

Motivations to purchase

+ A duplicate of the thousand years sell

+ Yes, accompanies all lights and sounds

Drones for kids will actually be the coolest child in the gathering when this game comes to join the fun. You can fly 200 feet and complete an incredible thing in a single tick.

The best components are light-emanating diodes and audio cues, made of high-thickness froth, which implies that they are probably going to deal with certain disservices. As the main objection, we can make is the heel of the battery (which is to a great extent given by drones), we are certain that the Millennium Rock will be an extraordinary achievement.

You should be cautious in the event that you fly this unmanned ethereal drones for kids. Its little size methods it’s anything but difficult to lose in the shrubbery, long grass, trees and different spots where a lot of things occur. It is smarter to fly in open spaces. It might be important to define how the vehicle reacts to directions before making a beeline for the sky. This implies the circle is left, appropriate, forward and in reverse. The guide discloses how to do this. The remote control (RC) is like the light and looks like perusing an unmanned aeronautical vehicle. It functions admirably, however. Individuals acclimated with the standard computer game comfort will experience no difficulty becoming accustomed to it.

Youngsters don’t take too long to even consider resting with both the drone and its control unit. It even has a 6-hub flight control framework. This helps keep the drone noticeable all around.

When you feel good flying, you can change to a 360-degree swivel and an alpha. The pilot makes these advanced moves with one touch. This makes them simple to perform after an amazing survey.

Try not to freeze in the event that you are far from the plane as a result of a simple to utilize GPS. The straightforward press of the ‘arrival’ catch takes it back to the base – insofar as there is vitality left in the battery.

You may find that this DRONE is quick and tough on the off chance that you have never determined a drone. It surely has a great deal of vitality for a little machine, so you need to become accustomed to it.

Flight time and remote control

In only 5 minutes, the flight time of the T36 Mini isn’t great. They incorporate an additional battery that really allows you 10 minutes of flight time. The delivery time is around 50 minutes, which is quick.

The control range is around 30 meters. With this little drone, you would prefer not to fly it any longer. There is likewise far to go in many homes where you ace your driving abilities. This is one of the finest drones for kids.


The AIR HOGS STAR WARS are an amazing decision for youngsters who need to investigate the marvel of purchaser drones. It is exceptionally incredible. This implies it can take a portion of these unavoidable methods for crash, impact, and crash.

Air Hogs drone is definitely in the list of Top 5 drones for kids. It is anything but a helicopter with a lot of highlights however it cannot be a drone in this value go. I consider it to be extraordinary taught to create.