What Are The Key Features Of Leomaster Privacy App For Smartphones?

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Can you think of life without smartphones in present day arena? Obviously, most people answer this question in NO. It is because smart phones are quite useful as these can serve multiple purposes for the users apart from making them remain in contact with their near and dear ones. It is all due to accessibility of internet and provision of other apps or software packages on smart phones that the entire world seems to be a small place.

You can readily get information about anything locally or even at national or international level. As advancements take place in all fields or walks of life, same is true for mobile apps meant for smart phones too. The latest development in this case is the launch of privacy protection app by Leomaster, the leading and renowned mobile app developer. The key features of Leomaster privacy app are as follows.

Complete protection of mobile phones and the apps- Leomaster is the leading and well-known mobile app developer. Now it has launched privacy protection app that is capable of offering complete protection and security to the mobile phones and the mobile apps being used in them. It means now users are rest assured of complete protection of their smartphone devices and the apps being used therein.

Enhanced and customized protection– It is another great feature about the latest privacy protection app launched by the Leomaster. The security offered by the recently launched privacy app by the Leomaster is high level. At the same time, it has been designed and developed in such a way that individual users may customize the options available in the app so as to cater to unique needs of their smart phones. It implies all types of users may use this app on their respective smartphones in whatever way they like.

Free availability– It is yet another great feature of Leomaser privacy app. For convenience of users and make them use this app, the company has made it available free of cost on Google Play. Those who wish to use this app for their smartphones may download the same and start availing of its benefits.

Innovative user-interface design- As compared to older apps of Leomaster, the design of Leo Privacy Guard is quite innovative and distinct. You can find all the options and features of this app distinctly distinguished and designed on the interface. At the same time, all the information regarding each option is readily displayed for easy access and readability by the users. This feature makes the latest privacy app distinct from the others.

Newly defined protection levels- Unlike older versions of Leomaster, the latest privacy protection app have all newly designed protection levels. Instead of defining the privacy or protection levels by means of percentage, it has been defined and divided into normal, good, dangerous, perfect and so on. It has been done to make users assured of complete privacy and protection of their smartphones as well as apps being used thereupon.

This was all about the features of latest privacy app for smartphones that has been made available by the Leomaster. For more information visit here

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