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Following the best business practices isn’t good enough for your business growth and success. We live in an era where the rapid development of technology dictates trends in all industries. Whether it is business intelligence, product manufacturing and launching or customer support and human resources, we deeply depend on effective technology solutions of our age.

Time has come when you can not only rely upon your experience as a CEO or manager when making big business decisions. Business laws slowly but steadily came under enormous influence of digital laws. This happened because the informative content related to the products and services a business offers grows had grown exponentially. The content that follows should help you see the big picture of how technology solutions can not only improve your business, but also help it reach steady growth and success.

Business Intelligence

If your business already has many applied technologies and applications in various segments of its model of functioning, you must have an abundance of data to process. No matter if it is in the cloud or a data center, there is a way to turn it into operational data intelligence.

Business Intelligence

The best solution technology can offer when you are on the constant move is mobile business intelligence software. This way you can run and better secure your internet technology. Having this application on your mobile device will enable you to have real time access to all the business-related information available.

With this software, you can easily search, navigate and interact with your business data no matter where business trips take you. Some of the many options such software includes is a setting where you can enable an alarm that alerts you when data you are particularly interested changes. Statistical tools that are built in can help you correlate specific data types, and look for patterns and anomalies.

The ability to give viewing rights to other users can prove helpful when you don’t have time to manage the data stream by yourself. This is when this technology solution comes in handy, giving you the possibility to empower your managers to finish the data analyzing tasks you hadn’t had time to finish.

Updating your Company’s Hardware

If you want to keep your business running smoothly it is very important to keep your computer systems and machines updated and in good shape. As your business grows, the computer network grows also. To make sure everything works with no down time, you have to get a router for your business network.

Updating your Company’s Hardware

Getting a VPN server is something you should take under consideration. It supports remote connections so that all employees out of the office can securely access your network. One more thing that make it so incredible is that it allows multiple offices to be linked together in a site-to-site arrangement.

One of the best types of VPN available is one with the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL). It doesn’t require client software and can be accessed through any internet browser by simply installing a plugin. VPN with SSL protocol is very convenient when your employees need to connect from home or a mobile device, because it offers a Web portal from which users can access applications and emails without any VPN client.

If there are many wireless computers and devices on your business premises, you should consider using routers that have enterprise-class Wi-Fi security with 802.1X authentication. This way you can create a unique username and password for each employee that connects to the network via Wi-Fi.

If you are worried about viruses and malware you should get UTM gateway or firewall. With all the advanced features and ability to serve both as your router and internet gateway, UTM is a great solution for companies. They also include content filtering, intrusion detection and prevention, virus and malware protection and anti spam functions.

All these ideas can help you significantly reduce risks of systems and network failure that can have a serious impact on your productivity and business operations.

Software Solutions

Let’s start with the basics. If your business doesn’t have a website, you should get one as soon as possible. If you are a small startup, you should go for free website making tools to avoid extra expenses in the first stage of business. The fact that around 40% of the world population has an internet connection today, should be incentive enough for you to get a website for your firm.

Try penetrating the market by creating an ecommerce website. More and more customers decide to make a purchase online, from the cosines of their homes. Internet technology allows you to create a website where you can advertise and sell all your products and services. Skip all those complicated distribution procedures by making your products a few clicks away from their potential customers.

Ecommerce solutions also help you with the marketing side of your business, because they tap into social media. This way you can utilize your social media platforms to attract more visitors to your ecommerce website.

To improve functionality of your business you should consider hiring IT software professionals. This way you can modify your existing and create new systems. IT technicians can help you with requirements specifications, system design and analysis, implementation and maintenance of a company software system.

You should never neglect the administrative side of running a business. There are many software tools that can help you get your books in order.

Data Storage

Another issue to address by using latest technology solutions is data storage. As a business expands it will require more space for data storage. All those e-mails, databases, presentations and documents are essential for keeping your business up and running.

Thanks to tech inventions these tasks became quite easy. Flash memory thumb drives are an excellent option because of their low energy consumption. Another great way to store your data is NAS (network attached storage). NAS solution protects your data from being lost by having multiple hard drives write the same information on them. This way, if one dies your data is not lost.

Online storage services provide remote storage and backup over the internet. All the files you upload can easily be shared between coworkers and business partners by providing them with a password. On top of that, you can access this storage from any computer or mobile device.

Marketing Technology

Today you can easily track performance of channels, technologies and ads. In order to achieve this, you have to setup web analytics programs or have a marketing team in your company to specialize in analytics and data usage.

Google Analytics is the most popular website analytics tool. It tracks and reports your company’s website traffic. This tool allows you to review online campaigns by tracking landing page quality and sales, lead generation or the number of views of specific pages.

Email marketing can become a powerful tool in attracting more customers to your services and products. In order to get the people to give you permission to send them regular newsletters, you will have to create valuable and personalized content for them.

You can also invest in search engine marketing by paying for Google AdWords or optimizing your website for search engines in order to get high organic search listings for your business website content. It is very important to understand that a proper SEO campaign doesn’t include only technical enhancements for your website, but also creating valuable and relevant high quality content, because it is what Google ranks highly.

Keep in mind that we mentioned only a few technology solutions you can apply in your business model. You should be aware that there are many technological achievements out there. Consult your business plan and choose tech solutions that would result in the best efficiency and ones that will lower production costs for your company. The key to success it to keep learning and adapting. Technology is here only to help you overcome obstacles in a faster and better manner, but many things still depend on the human part of a business.

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