Why Your Company Should Use Application Tracking Software When You Look For New Hires

If your company regularly scouts for new hires then you might want to think about investing in application tracking software. Application tracking software can easily streamline the way that you hire people, and it can ensure that you retain the employees that you hire given the fact they are great matches for your company. Software helps sort out the mediocre from the outstanding and can save you a lot of time when it comes to the interview process. The following are three great reasons to take a second look at application tracking software.

Expedite Processing
The first reason to consider application tracking software is due to the fact that it will expedite processing speeds. The average company receives millions of applications every year, and it can be hard to find the right fit for a position if you have to review each and every one of them. Many businesses just settle for the first acceptable candidates they find, but with application tracking software you can set perimeters around the applications. This will screen the applications for the key points that you are searching for so that you can turn thousands of interviews into a pile of hundreds instead.
Save Time on Interviews
This is going to help you save time on interviews as well, because you can use the application tracking software to sort out the applicants. Therefore, instead of interviewing masses of people, you can interview the top five to ten people and find the perfect match for your company in this group. Instead of spending your time on interviews, you can take that time and use on training your new employees; which is a much more productive way to keep your business moving forward.
Retain Potential Hires
Finally, the last reason to look into application tracking software is due to the fact that it will organize and categorize all of the applications that you have received. Thus, even if you do not need to hire anyone at the moment, you will always have a long list of potential people to choose from. Sometimes the perfect job candidate walks in at the wrong time, instead of losing them forever because of poor timing you can keep their application at the top of the list and if a job becomes available instantly snag them. Having a constant pool of potential hires is always a great way to make sure your business runs smoothly.
The above list of items is only a few of the many reasons that you should take a closer look into application tracking software. There are many different software programs out there that you can take advantage of. Many of them even offer free trial periods so that you can see for yourself why everyone is choosing to use software to manage their new hires without any risk. Soon you will never dread hiring new employees for your business again because the process will be streamlined and simple by the great new application tracking software in place at your business.

Mobile Phones

The Nokia N8 – Interface And Multimedia

The Nokia N8 isn’t far off from actually being a “smart” phone, with a great deal to offer the user where multimedia and friendly interface are concerned. It contains a host of convenient features, and strives to function comfortably in any scenario.


First to grab attention is the HDMI function. Many people may wonder why they’d wish to connect their phone up to their television. However, when combined with its highly impressive ability to show you 720p MKV videos. Complementing it further is its generous storage space, giving you the bare minimum of 16GB, with a slot readily available to add another 30GB. Combined, it grants you amazing visual quality along with ample storage for actually keeping a collection of videos. As if this weren’t enough, the N8’s compatibility is amazing. Even Blu-ray rips function perfectly well on the device.
Taking A Closer Look

Compatibility – Whilst most videos work splendidly on the N8, it does not offer DivX support out of the package. Because of this, you will be obliged to re-encode any files on DivX to a variant format, or else find the information in a more agreeable format. However, the Symian^3 still has support for Flash Video, and it also gives you the ability to retrieve clips straight from iPlayer and play them on your TV.
USB connectivity – Along with your N8 mobile phone, you will receive a mini-USB to USB cable. This isn’t intended for connecting the device to a desktop – although this is possible to do, of course – but rather it is meant to have a USB device attached to it. This can be incredibly useful, although it is crucial to note that this is a vampire on your battery life. Ideally, you should have a power source on hand when doing this.
Audio – The compatibility for sound files is perfectly decent, working well with WMA, MP3s and AAC, although it lacks certain formats including FLAC and OGG. The sound quality is to be applauded, with the condition that the files you listen to are of good quality.
Music player – Whilst the audio quality is more than sufficient, the music player application was found to be a bit disappointing. Whilst it functions, it’s not very enjoyable to use. The controls are fairly clunky, and it’s worlds apart from superior apps like the iPod and the Zune. It includes an FM-transmitter, which allows you to broadcast what you’re listening to into a radio close at hand. Whether many users will actually make use of this extra feature remains to be seen.
Widgets – Another common complaint revolves around the widgets being restricted to a specified size, which means it uses the whole screen even when in portrait mode, or else two side-by-side when in landscape. On the bright side, however, it is still heartening to have widgets, which simplify performing ordinary tasks. All phone users can appreciate being able to receive notifications, weather updates and media controls. Another plus is that the Symian^3 allows you to put data and shortcuts directly up to 3 screens.

Mobile Phones

A Short Introduction to Cell Phone Lookup Service

Wireless lookup administration is coming to be extremely prevalent these days, it is not simply accommodating additionally exceptionally simple to utilize. Generally individuals use it on the grounds that it can tackle large portions of our issues. Diverse individuals utilize it for distinctive explanations, for example some utilization it to find guest, some utilization it check trick calls, where as others utilize it to check suspicious calls. Improved nations like USA, UK, don’t have cell telephone catalogs. The point when an individual should ponder, or needs to find a guest mobile phone lookup is the best alternative.


Wireless lookup administration are extremely functional apparatus and parents with youngsters having need it, as well as numerous other like identifiers, representatives, individuals identified with showcasing, legal advisors, agents, or columnists can get profit from this administration. There are a great deal of modern advances utilized by the versatile administration suppliers to offer this administration.

For any sort of trick calls or missed calls, you can discover the guest’s name, location, and so forth. Reverse telephone lookup framework gives you a fulfillment when to get all qualified data about guest. For business persons it is exceptionally helpful administration, as they can check calls and contact their wanted persons. At times, you heard dangers on telephone. Any one could be a schmuck of such condition, here PDA lookup framework likewise serves to place guest notwithstanding his location and time of call.

A few times, you need to place your old companion or some individual, opposite phone lookup will likewise help you in this scene. Assuming that you overlook your old companion’s location, then there is no issue, you can discover your companion’s address with the assistance of this administration. The exceptional thing about PDA lookup administration is that is extremely simple to utilize and simply take exceptionally ostensible charge. You don’t require much time to utilize it and done within minutes.


Keylogger pros and cons

A key logger’s action is to store every activity and the keystrokes of a computer user. Sometimes it can be helpful or harmful depending on the user’s interest. There been a case where people don’t even follow some basic rules for their online banking account and all their information got hacked by a malicious person. The malicious program stores and saves everything into a screenshot or information. Hackers intentionally use the key loggers to harm a person. But the key logger has its own advantages especially in IT firms it’s playing a prominent role to troubleshoot technical or network issues.


There are some websites which offer keylogger software for free. This will be really helpful for an individual who wants to track all the information in his personal computer in case someone uses it. This is also helpful for parents to track their children activities on the computer.

Let us discuss how the keylogger works if we install it on our computer. When key logger software is installed all the keys you hit will be stored in your computer’s hardware. You can see the stored information by clicking keylogger icon followed by some instructions. Some software are programmed to transfer data from local computer to remote computer or stored on web server. There are even anti-keyloggings not to store the activities on your computer. This is mainly helpful to protect your information and not to be hacked by malware programs. Some key logger icons are hidden which you can’t even know that it is installed on your computer. The main purpose of anti-keylogging programs is to detect the key logger on your computer.


Windows v/s Linux: Who Rules the Hosting Roost?

All of web hosting has been divided into two major platforms: Linux and Windows. Both these platforms have their own advantages and flaws. As an informed website owner and hosting customer, it is imperative that you know which platform is suitable for your website.


Talking Windows

Let’s first tackle Windows hosting platform. The first thing you should know is that Windows is a more expensive option as compared to Linux. You need to buy a license from Microsoft in order to operate on a Windows platform. Since Windows is dominant OS in most computers around the world, and has a degree of familiarity and reliability matched by few, it is not hard to see why it is such a popular hosting platform, despite the relatively higher cost.

Windows hosting is tailor-made for .Net technologies, especially ASP.NET. This is not available on a Linux platform. Also, if you’re hosting on a Windows platform, you will have access to the MySQL database. Windows definitely has its fair share of admirers, especially in niche sections.

Linux Enters the Picture

However, when it comes to general-purpose hosting, Linux outclasses Windows. A study conducted by concluded that in terms of popularity, Linux leads Windows by approximately 20 per cent. We use ‘approximately’ here because these numbers are subject to change.

The major factor riding in favour of Linux is its sheer versatility. Using this platform, you can run your website quite professionally, thanks to tools such as Apache, MySQL and PHP. PHP is also available on Windows, but it runs more efficiently on a Linux platform. Of course, the price element is also a deciding advantage for Linux, since its running costs are 20 per cent cheaper as compared to Windows. Other pros include a single point of control, application compatibility, smooth integration and a high level of security. But all of this also depends on how good the Linux web hosting provider is.

One little note to keep in mind. The operating system you’re using for your computer shouldn’t have any influence on the type of hosting platform you choose. For instance, if you’re using a Windows OS on your computer, this does not mean that you must go with a Windows hosting platform as well. There is no correlation between the two, except for a certain degree of familiarity, of course.

A website designed to be hosted on a Linux platform may also be hosted on Windows. However, the opposite cannot be possible. Therefore, if your website is a special case which needs certain configurations that are only available on a Windows platform, by all means go ahead. But if you’re looking for an all-weather compatibility, our bet would be on Linux.


Self Publishing: How good is the idea?

If you have a dream of becoming an author one day but you’re wary of the traditional methods of publishing, you might want to think about the option of self publishing. Below is some information to explain self publishing, and if the idea is good or bad.

self publishing

self publishingNot many people are capable to being self-critics. Many people tend to be biased towards their own work no matter how good it is. This is due to practical and emotional viewpoints that they entangle while judging their own work, thus making it not possible to judge it from a neutral perspective. For this reason, they need opinions and feedback from other persons. The concept of self-publishing is however based on judging you own work and deciding its worth without taking any opinion from a third party.

When is Self-Publishing defensible?

Lately, this trend of self publishing has turned into somewhat a rage. The literary-fraternity does not particularly approve the idea of self-publishing a book, unless there are solid reasons for doing it. If you hope to take on the alternative of self publishing, here are some of the reasons to justify your choice.

• There is great need to provide information to some few people within the shortest possible time.
• You don’t want to make any unnecessary changes suggested by your editor and wish to implement your right to keep the content as you initially wanted it to be.
• You simply want to print out a few copies for yourself, friends and family.
• In case you aren’t interested in commercially selling your work, but in sharing your knowledge with the human race for free.
• If the topic is controversial or off-beat, and there isn’t anyone that wants to publish anything on it.

The benefits of self-publishing
• In view of the fact that pulling a book together and succeeding in getting a publishing house is difficult, self-publishing is very helpful.
• Work that is self published is done faster than that published using the traditional way.
• You get an opportunity to exercise your creative-freedom without any hassles of being asked to alter your content, cover page, font and so on.

The negatives of self-publishing

In general, the reaction of an average person to self-publishing isn’t really positive. Sadly, most of the self published books are the ones which were rejected by the publishing companies to which they were given. Below are some points you need to consider before making the final decision.
• In general, people tend to not want to read self published books because they think that the work isn’t good enough.
• You have to personally take care of all the marketing costs incurred and the entire marketing process.
• Self-publishing isn’t a good idea if you intention is to sell your work.
• The entire fee (costs) required for self-publishing is up to you. This means that in case you make any losses, you will suffer alone.

At this point, you should know whether the idea of self-publishing is good or bad depending on your case. A few outstandingly good books can be self published by truly talented authors who for one reason or the other were turned down by publishing-houses. The whole game is however spoiled by several horrible books written by writers that think they’re too good for editing and marketing processes.

Mobile Phones

The Development of Modern Telecommunication Systems

This is the age of information and communication. Where there is knowledge and information to be shared, communication plays an important role in it. Human being has been in search of better, faster and effective means of communication since the ancient times. The communication methods used back in the old days seem ridiculous to the modern man.

Can we imagine letters being sent by tying them to the leg of a pigeon? However, even those means of communication served the purpose at that time and became a stepping stone towards the inventions of better alternatives.

Postal communication has been around for ages. It’s boringly slow and unreliable at times and yet it has been helping people communicate with each others for many years. With the advent of the telephone system, the communication process was revolutionized. People found a way to communicate directly and instantly with each other and could even hear each other’s voice. This was a great leap from the crude olden methods.

Introduction of the internet technology has taken things even further and now snail mail is fast becoming obsolete. People love the ease and speed of email. One can send an email instantly and can engage in a live chat with anyone over the internet. This has further removed all the physical limitations from the communication systems and made it easier and quicker than ever before.

The VoIP phone system has been a step further in this development in the field of communication. It is the communication system that utilizes the speed and power of the internet to make phone calls. Many phone companies offer this service to their customers at affordable costs.

The ease of installation and use of this phone system has made it popular all over the world in a short period of time. It is one of the hot favorites of the modern business community. They increase in efficiency and productivity due to faster and better communication through the VoIP phone system has made it an indispensible part of the business world as well as many households.

These phone companies offer many value added facilities along with this phone system. Call forwarding or routing is one of the most important of features offered by them. This facility makes it possible to divert any call to any single phone number or multiple phone numbers of user’s choice. This has been a great blessing to many businesses as well as individual users as it has increased their availability for a call, mobility and efficiency remarkably.

Most businesses have been taking advantage of this service by keeping in constant touch with not only with their employees and other key people but also with their customers to understand their needs and fulfill them with better customer support services.

Mobile Application Development – Choosing The Technology

For the most of brands using of digital technologies is an important tool for promotion and marketing campaigns. If you are planning the development of mobile applications, you should make a choice, what technology you are going to implement. Firstly, you should determine the target audience of your application. And then decide whether virtual reality or augmented reality is more preferable for your brand’s mobile application development. The main difference between these two similar techs is that VR creates fully virtual environment with the help of additional devices such as glasses and headsets. Virtual apps are developed mailly for games and entertainment, talking about more practical use – for engineering and 3D modeling. AR is a merge of real and virtual worlds. So before starting cooperation with an augmented reality company, you should know, what digital environment you need for your mobile app. Development of augmented reality app is not so expensive as virtual reality mobile app development as it doesn’t require creating of fully digital world. Augmented reality and mobile app development company in Canada – is an expert in developing mobile applications, applying AR and VR technologies and provides individual approach to each customer and project.