Modern Gifts for Company Clients and Executives

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Multinational companies usually hire gifting companies to create a number of different items that they can give out to high level executives or their new clients. These are custom-designed items that often include the company’s logo and are mainly used for branding purposes. Most companies give out gifts that a person will use in their daily lives. There’s no point in handing out a branded gift that the individual will just keep on the shelf and forget about completely. It should be something that can be utilized effectively and with a real function in the individual’s life.

Previously, companies used to give out planners, bags, briefcases, pens, mugs, and other similar items to their clients and guests. They would hire private gift companies to create custom items with the company’s logo and proper branding. However, that trend has changed now. Nowadays, people have different needs. Businesspeople don’t use planners and pens as much as they use their mobiles and tablets. Companies such as Smart Power Bank in Thailand now offer a litany of different options for gifting to your executive employees and clients.

Power Banks

A power bank is designed to give you additional backup power for your device when you are on the road. You can use the power bank to charge your phone when you are travelling somewhere. Having a power bank has become an essential need for most people today. The battery life of a smart phone is considerably shorter when compared with that of feature phones. Feature phones were smaller, came with fewer features, and thus, required a smaller battery.

However, smart phones are equipped with a plethora of different features and contain a variety of different sensors that use up battery life. The bigger screens also use up a considerable amount of battery. You can easily purchase wholesale battery backup or ขายส่งแบตสำรอง, as it’s known in Thailand, from local vendors and get them branded. The power reserve ranges from anywhere between 3,000 mAh and can go as high as 10,000 mAh. Most modern power banks also include dual USB outputs so you can charge two devices at once. You can easily apply for a quotation online through Smart Power Bank’s website and place an order (they deliver throughout Thailand). Power banks are very useful, and the recipients will definitely utilize them in their daily routines.

Flash Drives

Another very useful gift that you can give out is a flash drive. Flash drives are commonly used for transferring data from one computer to another. Almost every businessperson now carries a flash drive around with them while travelling. Giving out a flash drive that has your company’s logo on it could serve a huge marketing purpose. Giving out flash drives is a great option. It’s relatively cheap and you don’t even need to give out flash drives with larger storage. Simple drives with as little 2-4 GB of storage will do the job. Since you are giving them out for free, there’s really no need to invest in more expensive drives. Flash drives are also available in a number of different designs.

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