How to Choose the Best SAP Module for Your Career?

SAP technology

SAP technology has been booming of late, opening up a lot of career opportunities for people who want to pursue a career in an opportunistic field. Technologies have evolved drastically in the last four decades from mainframe computers to client server computing and online computing. With constant changes in the technology, small and big companies have been constantly upgrading to the latest technologies.

System Applications and Products in Data Processing (SAP) was invented by five former IBM employees in the year 1970. Since its birth, SAP has evolved massively and grown to become the primary business application for many companies. Choosing careers in SAP is a choice, which one will never regret making. With many companies moving to SAP every year, there is a plethora of options in careers in SAP.

Though the SAP market is huge, choosing the right SAP module to shape your career is a very crucial step. Assuming that the reader has the basic information on the SAP technology, we have collated and penned the various points to be considered for choosing the SAP module best suited to your needs.

One can choose a SAP module, which best suits them according to their educational background. Your educational qualification will help you understand the current business trends and their market traits. This will help you understand and pick the SAP module, which best fits your business understanding. Each business domain requires extensive knowledge and understanding. Pursuing a SAP career in your area of interest and specialization is the best option.

SAP modules can be categorized into Functional Modules and Technical Modules. Some of the Functional SAP modules include SAP Controlling, SAP Financial Accounting, SAP Material Management, and SAP Quality Management. The Technical SAP modules, which are trending in the market include SAP SD, SAP FI, SAP PP, SAP MM, SAP HR, SAP HCM, SAP HANA, SAP BW, SAP BI and SAP Basis/ABAP for the most technically strong people.

It is always recommended to choose a SAP module, which best suits your domain knowledge or educational expertise. For example, if you are pursuing your education in Human Resources (HR) field, SAP HCM module would suit you better. Apart from these modules, you can also specialise in the add-on SAP modules, which are trending hot in the industry.

These SAP modules will give you an idea as to what you can choose when it comes to careers in SAP. However, do not limit yourself to any of these modules based on your educational qualification. You can still go ahead and choose a SAP module, which can differ from your educational degree.

Finally, to summarise we would like to conclude that a career in SAP for a fresher and an experienced person is definitely worth and a good choice to make. Analyse your area of interest and explore the career opportunities in the right SAP module best suited to you.